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HON. JOHN2 PIERREPONT, born 1619, settled near Boston in 1640, purchased in 1655 300 acres now the site of Roxbury. He was a representative to the General Court. He died December 7, 1682. His wife was THANKFUL, daughter of JOHN and ELIZABETH (BIGGE) STOW of Roxbury, Mass. JOHN STOW came from Hawkhurst, Kent, England, on the "Elizabeth" April 9, 1635, aged 40, with his wife, ELIZABETH, and her mother RACHEL BIGGE. The Bigge "family were seated in Kent before the Norman Conquest, and had become wealthy and influential." John Eliot writes in the Roxbury church records, "Elizabeth, the wife of John Stow, she was a very godly matron, a blessing not only to her family, but to all the church, and when she had led a Christian conversation a few years among us, she died and left a good savor behind her." (Autobiography of W S Tyler, DD,LLD, Tyler, William Seymour D.D.,LL.D. Autobiography of William Seymour Tyler, D.D.,LL.D. This book is an autobiography written by Willliam Seymour Tyler, D.D.,LL.D. himself along with genealogy history written by Cornelius B. Tyler. Bibliographic Information: Tyler, William Seymour, D.D.,LL.D. Massachusetts, 1912.)

One Rachell Bigge. a wid. came in the Elizabeth, 1635, from London, liv. at Dorchester, wh. in her will of 17 Nov. 1646, calls her s. aged, names Hopestill Foster her neph. and he, I judge, was a fellow passeng. and to him she gives her prop. In the rec. at the custom ho. a curious error may be seen, as print. by me in 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VIII. 261, careful. tak. at her Majesty's Remembrancer Office, formerly in Westminster Hall, since rem. to Carlton Ride, giv. her age 6. (Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England., p.176)

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