Wills of the Bigge Family

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The Will of Richard Bygge of the parish of Benynden, 12 May 1474. To be buried in the parish church of St. George of Benynden. To the fabric of said church, namely to the nave of it, 6 shillings 8d. To the high altar there 12d. I make my wife Agnes and Thomas Henley my executors to dispose of my goods for the health of my soul. Witnesses: John Bygge Senior, Richard Day, John Willarde Senior, and many others. [Translated from the Latin.] This is my last will regarding my lands. My feofees to make an estate to Robert my son his heirs and assigns in my tenement called Bowmannys containing seven acres, my lands and woods called Strodes containing five acres, lying betwext Euvyndens Crosse and Hellynden on the north side of the street, a piece of land called Pettefeld containing five acres, two pieces of land called Southlands containing eight acres, and one acre lying in Maythammys marsh, he paying to my wife every year during her life four loads of wood and 26 shillings, 8d., and to Thomas Bygge my son 20 marks. My feofees to make an estate to my son John in all my lands and tenements not before assigned, he to pay to my wife Agnes one hog, certain “pullyn,” and 26 shillings, 8d yearly during her life, and to my son Thomas 20 pounds. My wife to have the west end of the hall of my principal tenement and her easement in hall, kitchen, bakehouse, garden and lands, half the fruit in the garden during her life, pasturage for a cow and a “fire and fleet” by the custom of the country, to be found by the said John. My foefees to sell a piece of land lying next to Thomas Frennche, and of the money to pay to Agnes, daughter of Robert Bygge, 26 shillings , 8 d., to Johane his daughter 6 shillings, 8d., and the residue to amending the church way from the church to Walkhurst gate. Proved 14 June 1474 by the executrix named in the will, the other executor, Thomas Henley, renouncing. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 2, fo. 13)

The Will of John Bygg Jun’ of Benynden, 21 October 1479. To be buried in the parish church of Benynden. To the high altar there 3 shillings 4d. To the high altar of Tneterden 20d. To Agnes Bygg my mother, who I make my executrix, all the residue of my goods. Regarding my lands in Benynden wiled to be by Richard Bygg my father, lately deceased, I give all my lands and tenements to my mother for life, and after he death to be divided among all my sons at the age of eighteen years. If they all die before such age without lawful issue, reversion to my brothers Robert bygg and Thomas Bygg, who on entering into the land shall pay 20 pounds as follows: 10 pounds to a priest to pray for a year in the church of Benynden for my soul, the souls of my father, my mother, and Alice my wife, and of the other 10 pounds, 5 markds to my sister Katherine and the residue in various gifts to the church. Proved 17 May 1480 by the executris named in the will. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, Vol. 3, fo. 17.)

The Will of Robert Bigge of the parish of benynden, 1 July 1500. To be buried I the churchyard of the church of St. George in Benynden. To the high altars of the churches of Benynden and Bydinden 20d. each. To Agnes Watt and Johan lellysden my daughters. Willia’ Dey, Harry bigge, harry Asten, and John Watt, my “feffers,” to deliver to Elizabeth my daughter two pieces of land lying at benynden in the parish of Rollynden, to her and her assigns for ever. The residue of all my goods I give to Thomas Bigge and Edward my sons, whom I make my executors. Witnesses: Robert Marden, Richard Astyn, Willia’ Watt, Thomas lellysden, and others. Proved at Tenterden 15 September 1500 by the executors named in the will. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 8, fo. 2)

The Will of Elisabeth Bigge of benynden, 17 July 1500. To be buried in the churchyard of the church of St. George of benynden. To the high altar there 4d. To an honest priest to sing in the said church for my soul, my father’s and mother’s souls and all Christian souls for half a year, 3 pounds, 6 shillings, 8d. To Elisabeth lellesden, my goddaughter, 10 shillings. To Johane Watt, my goddaughter, a heifer. To Anne Benneman, Johane Bigge daughter of Stepyn bigge, Anne Mannyng, John Watte, James Watte, and Alice Watte, Robert bigge son of Edward bigge, and to the sons of Richard Astyn and Thomas lellysden, 12d. apiece. To Elisabeth Willard 4d. To Richard Hamond and Alson his wife 3 shillings 4d. To sister pnell Astyn, Alice wife of Edward bigge, Johane lellysden, Johane A Noke, Johane Marden, Johane Raynold, the two unmarried daughters of William Hart, and the wife of Richard Motard, gifts of clothing and pewter. Thomas Bigge and Edward bigge, my brethren, executors. Proved 14 September 1500 at Tenterden by the executors named. (Archdeaconry of Canterbury, vol. 8, fo. 2)

The Will of Robert Bigge of Benenden, 13 January 1547-8. To be buried in the churchyard of the parish church of St. George the Martyr of Benenden. alms to be distributed at the day of my burial. To wife Elizabeth, if she continue unmarried, all my stuff and household implements; if she marry again, half my stuff and household implements to my daughters, to be equally divided at age of eighteen or day of marriage. To my wife all my corn and sundry livestock. To my son Walter two steers. To my sons Richarde and Thomas a heifer each at eighteen and to my son John two steers at that age. All my cattle, wheat growing, and other moveables unbequeathed to be sold by my executrix and the money employed to pay my debts. I give to my wife Elizabeth my lease of churchfield, and make her executrix and William Fowle of Benenden overseer. My wife to redeem two pieces of land at alkhurst, mortgaged to John Moyse of Byddenden for 10 pounds, and also to pay to Elizabeth Vsborne 10 pounds for which I stand bound.
My last will regarding the disposition of all my lands and tenements. I will to Elizabeth my wife for life my messuage and garden at Benenden forstall and four pieces of land at Walkhurst, she releasing all her right of dowry in all my lands. The messuage an garden at Benenden forstall to go to my son John and his heirs at my wife’s decease. To my son Richard and his heirs at my wife’s decease four pieces of land at Walkhurst. My executrix to take the profits of all my other lands and tenements until they amount to 40 pounds, to be paid to Elizabeth, Dorothe, Elionor, and Alyce, my daughters, to each 10 pounds at day of marriage or age of twenty years. If any die before such day or age, reversion to the survivors, to be equally divided. After the said 40 pounds be levied I give to my son Thomas and his heirs forever my messuage and lands at the land of Rolvenden and my half of a meadow called dukes mede in Tentwarden (Tenterden), of which Lawrence Day holds the other half, and a piece of marsh land at Frencham containing ten acres, my executrix to have the said lands until son Thomas come to the age of twenty-two. After the said 40 pounds be levied, to son Walter and his heirs forever seven pieces of land called the sixe acres, Wadyfeld, gardeyn of begtylte, the porteke, the upper shurfeld, the Longfeld, and the nether surfield, lying upon the den of Begtilte in Benenden, he to pay to my son Richard 20 shillings a year during the life of my wife and after he enter into the said land. After the said 40 pounds be levied, I give to son John and his heirs a piece of land called the field about the house and another called Euerynden’s felde, both upon the den of Bigtilte. Witnesses: Willm Fowle his mark, John Asten, Lawrence Davy, and Henry Asten. Proved 2 June 1548 by the executrix named in the will. (Archdeaconry of canterbury, vol. 26, fo. 2)

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