The Hardison Lineage

Generation 5
Alphabetized by Father's First Name

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Generation 5

c/o Asa Hardison & Mary Ann Dickerson

Margaret E b. 1839 Maury Co, TN m.1. 10/19/1854 John D Amis m.2. John Lee m.3. 2/11/1874 W F Holcomb

William b. 1841 Maury Co, TN d. 2/19/1870 m. 11/6/1862 Susan Gray Nicholson

c/o Asa Hardison & Elizabeth ???

Thomas b. c1841 Craven Co, NC
Frances b. c1843 Craven Co, NC
Andrew b. c1845 Craven Co, NC

c/o Asa Hardison & Mary Ann Dixon

William Humphrey b. 1841 Maury Co, TN d. 1/19/1870 Maury Co, TN [Cem] m. Susan G Nicholson

Child of Asa Hardison & Nancy Garrett

William Asa b. c1795 Beaufort Co, NC m. Edna ??? b. c1796

Children of Asa L Hardison & Frances A Adkins

Miranda L b. 5/29/1851 Logan Co, KY d. 7/10/1924 Logan Co, KY m. 6/8/1880 Logan Co, KY to Phillip Taylor Coursey b. 8/13/1848 Logan Co, KY d. May 1897 Logan Co, KY s/o Anderson Coursey & Matilda Whitlow

Laura J b. 6/9/1853 Logan Co, KY m. 6/5/1881 Logan Co, KY to James P White b. c1850 TN

Children of Asa L Hardison & Mary Coursey

George H b. 4/25/1830 Logan Co, KY d. 1/11/1916 Logan Co, KY [Cem] m. 8/30/1870 Logan Co, KY to Judith Ann Bibb b. 6/19/1846 Shelby Co, WI d. 1/24/1916 Logan Co, KY d/o Branch Bibb & Lucy ???

Robert G b. Nov 1832 Logan Co, KY d. c1909 Lewisburg, Logan Co, KY [Cem] m. 11/3/1866 Todd Co, KY to Mary Ellen Bibb b. Aug 1840 MO d. c1901 Logan Co, KY d/o Branch Bibb & Lucy ???

Asa L II b. 3/4/1834 Logan Co, KY d. 5/28/1915 Logan Co, KY [Cem] m.1. 10/6/1864 Logan Co, KY to Joana Hollingsworth m.2. 11/2/1882 Logan Co, KY to Mary Etta Green Williams 7/28/1857-7/10/1892 Logan Co, KY d/o James Mac Williams & Nancy Roark m.3. 6/2/1889 Logan Co, KY to Lydia E Johnson b.Dec 1869 Logan Co, KY d. c1965 Logan Co, KY

Mary S b. 5/6/1836 Logan Co, KY d. 7/8/1877 Logan Co, KY [Cem] m. 3/1/1871 Logan Co, KY to John Edward Hollins b. 3/20/1819 Louisa Co, VA d. 5/31/1891 Logan Co, KY s/o George Hollins & Mary Edwards

Ann Elizabeth b. 4/24/1838 Logan Co, KY d. 4/11/1913 Logan Co, KY m. 10/12/1869 Logan Co, KY to William Edward Price b. 3/20/1840 Logan Co, KY s/o Jonathan Church Price & Isabella ???

Sarah C b. c1842 Logan Co, KY m. 3/20/1877 Logan Co, KY to Britt D Sherrod

Masslyn Tribue b. 3/3/1843 Logan Co, KY d. 2/6/1932 Memphis, TN [Cem] m. 12/7/1876 Logan Co, KY to Nancy E Rush 10/23/1854-9/13/1924 Logan Co, Ky d/o Martin T Rush & Ellen ???

Cassandra F b. c1845 Logan Co, KY d. 1/14/1925 Logan Co,KY m. 10/19/1875 Logan Co, KY to Samuel J King b. c1846 VA d. 9/29/1914 Logan Co, KY s/o J Peyton King & Elizabeth ???

Victor Travis b. 9/9/1845 Logan Co, KY d. 2/2/1915 Penrod, Muhlenberg Co, KY [Cem] m. 12/17/1874 Logan Co, KY to Sarah Victoria Williams b. c1854 Sumner Co, TN d. 1/11/1928 Penrod, Muhlenberg Co, KY s/o James Mac Williams & Nancy Roark

Children of Charles Hardison & Hannah Daniels

Arthur Calvin b. 4/16/1824 Marshall Co, TN d. 8/2/1906 m. 10/16/1855 Sarah Lawrence Wallace

Mariah 6/29/1826-7/23/1902

Eliza J 10/5/1828-2/28/1894 m. 6/5/1844 William Wilson Hardison 5/14/1822-12/13/1892 s/o Thomas B Hardison & Mary Byrd Wilson

Elizabeth 4/28/1831-8/1/1914 m. 10/6/1853 Sherod G Liggett

Mary Ann 7/7/1834-6/14/1874 m. 5/5/1859 James Cheek

Minerva White 12/23/1837-2/19/1914 m. 11/22/1865 Maury Co, TN to John Calvin Montgomery

Margaret F D 7/14/1840-2/26/1916 m. 9/26/1869 James H Tate

Sara R 7/23/1843-6/17/1911 m. 11/13/1867 Maury Co, TN to Dave Erwin Purdom

Children of Charles Hardison & Sophia King

Eliza Jane b. New Hanover Co, NC

Lemuel b. c1802 Onslow Co, NC m. Sarah Lilly b. c1811

Charles II b. c1805 Onslow Co, NC m.1. Elizabeth ??? b. c1820 m.2. 7/19/1866 Onslow Co, NC to Nicey Ennett

Sophia b. aft 1807 Onslow Co, NC d. bef 1844 Onslow Co, NC m. 11/5/1833 Onslow Co, NC to Peter Batson b. 9/11/1809 Onslow Co, NC d. 10/6/1883 Pender Co, NC s/o William Batson & Zilley ???

Robert b. c1827 Onslow Co, NC

Children of Ebenezer Hardison & Cintha ???

Lucinda b. c1830 Martin Co, NC
Wiggins b. c1835 Martin Co, NC
Ebenezer b. c1839 Martin Co, NC
Chloe b. c1840 Martin Co, NC
Isaac b. c1845 Martin Co, NC
Thomas J b. c1846 Martin Co, NC
George b. c1848 Martin Co, NC

Children of Edward Hardison & Mildred Daniels

Ira b. 5/12/1806 Martin Co, NC d. 9/30/1875 Maury Co, TN m.1. c1828 Maury Co, TN to Penelope Hardison b. 4/27/1810 Martin Co, TN d. 9/16/1861 Maury Co, TN d/o James Hardison & Mary Smithwick m.2. 12/4/1862 Maury Co, TN to Mary Gullett 10/15/1844-4/18/1895

Eliza b. 1810 NC d. aft 1880 m. 8/21/1828 Simon Daniel

Lewis W b. 1819 m. 4/24/1845 Elizabeth A Gant Turner

Joseph Hardy 4/11/1819-2/15/1904 m. 3/7/1842 Mary J Derryberry

George Washington 2/24/1824-1/16/1897 m. 2/27/1851 Maury Co, TN to Rebecca Jane Dugger

Ezra b. 1827 TN d. 1906 m.1. Mary Clark m.2. 5/17/1874 Sarah Bennett Wright

Simon b. 2/16/1831 Maury Co, TN d. 8/31/1909 m. 9/17/1851 Mary A Dugger

Children of Elijah S Hardison & Milly ???

Miranda b. Onslow Co, NC m. ??? Taylor

Jesse William b. 2/27/1827 Onslow Co, NC d. 4/7/1881 Onslow Co, NC [Cem] m. Caroline Christiana Woolvin b. 1/1/1853 Stump Sound Twp, Onslow Co, NC d. 8/15/1932 Stump Sound Twp, Onslow Co, NC d/o William H Woolvin & Narcissa Burnett

Samuel J b. c1829 Onslow Co, NC

Rebecca F b. c1831 Onslow Co, NC m. 5/5/1856 Onslow Co, NC to John T Whitehurst

Child of Elijah S Hardision & Theresa/Treacy Love Hatchell

William R C b. Jun 1863 Onslow Co, NC d. 12/1/1928 Onslow Co, NC [Cem] m. Annie B Williams b. 5/15/1872 Onslow Co, NC d. 3/10/1917 Onslow Co, NC

Children of Ezra Hardison & Serena Derryberry

Marshall A m. Mary Harris

Emily J 10/21/1832-11/8/1915 m. 2/8/1827 James Marshall Billington

James b. 1834

Mary Catherine 11/7/1835-10/13/1892 m. 9/25/1855 Robert H Hardison 2/19/1825-1/7/1908 s/o William J Hardison & Martha G Patsy Long

Martha P b. 1840

Martin V b. 6/22/1842 m. Louisa Dark

Frances b. 1844

Wiliam T b. 11/14/1846 m.1. Alice I Cheek Jones m.2. 1880 Nannie M Dark

Robert A b. 1848

Joel E b. 1853

Children of Frederick Hardison & Margaret Peggy Watson

James W b. c1804 Sampson Co, NC d. 3/27/1884 Houston Co, GA m.1. Louisa M Amos 12/7/1816-3/10/1900 m.2. 2/18/1827 Crawford Co, GA to Elizabeth James/Jones

Thomas b. c1812 Sampson Co, NC [Cen] m.1. ??? Hamebt b. c1810 GA m.2. 1834 Crawford Co, GA to Harriett Carlisle d/o Micajah Carlisle & Susanna Hale

Frances b. 8/11/1823 Sampson Co, NC d. 9/20/1908 Houston Co, GA [Cem] [Obit] m. c1840 Crawford Co, GA to Soloman Aultman d. c1880 Crawford Co, GA

Hardy b. 6/26/1826 GA d. 12/3/1893

Henry G b. c1828 GA m. 3/28/1848 Houston Co, GA to Martha E Barrs b. c1830 GA

George Washington b. 5/17/1829 GA d. 2/7/1901 Byron, Peach Co, GA [Cem] m. 4/22/1855 Mary Ann Walton 9/20/1838-6/11/1894

Children of Gabriel Hardison II & Barbara Slater

John David Shields b. 7/15/1827 Posey Co, IN d. aft 1850 CA m. 4/26/1857 San Joequin, CA to Jane Quendine

Walton Mortimor b. 11/29/1829 Posey Co, TN d. 1/8/1897 Lyle, Klickitat Co, WA m. 1858 Stockton, CA to Marietta Chambers

Amanda Melvina b. 9/25/1831 Posey Co, IN d. 3/16/1897 Portland, OR [Cem] m. 11/22/1849 Polk Co, OR to Johann Hienrick Thessing 2/1/1819 Hanover, Germany d. 12/16/1895 Portland, OR s/o Johann Deidrick Thessing & Anna Mariea Krienbrock

Silvester b. 11/5/1835 Posey Co, IN d. c1836 IN

Melissa Permelia b. 9/30/1836 New Haven, Gallatin Co, IL d. 6/22/1918 Portland, OR m. 8/7/1851 Monmouth, Polk Co, OR to Harrison Porter Locke

Peter Slater b. 3/18/1839 New Haven, Gallantin Co, IL

Angelo b. 1/6/1841 New Haven, Gallatin Co, IL m. Francis McGhee

Mary Jane b. 6/5/1843 Gallatin Co, IL d. 3/10/1930 Albany, Lynn Co, OR m. 11/18/1863 Monmouth, Polk Co, OR to David McFarland

James Whitney/Whitton b. 5/17/1846 Polk Co, OR d. 2/2/1913 Donald, Yakima Co, WA m. 10/12/1869 Polk Co, OR to Elizabeth Wherry

Victoria b. 3/29/1848 Monmouth, Polk Co, OR d. 12/18/1914 Glendale, Douglas Co, OR m. 8/5/1867 Monmouth, Polk Co, OR to George or John P Hobbs

Children of Gabriel Hardison & Charlotte Tolson

Gabriel Asa b. 7/29/1812 Craven Co, NC d. 7/31/1884 Craven Co, NC m. 4/6/1841 Craven Co, NC to Penelope Smith b. 10/3/1825 Brices Creek, Craven Co, NC d. 7/1/1887 Thurman, Craven Co, NC d/o John Smith & Susannah ???

Stephen F b. 8/20/1811 Craven Co, NC d. c1853 Craven Co, NC m.1. 2/19/1836 Craven Co, NC to Mary Ann Taylor c1820-bef 1850 d/o Asa Taylor & Gatsey Rydan m.2. 3/22/1851 Craven Co, NC to Frances Eborn m.3. 2/10/1853 Carteret Co, NC to Hannah Glancy d/o William Glancy & Serene Watson

Frederick b. 11/21/1817 Craven Co, NC

Charles b. c1811

Children of Hansel Hardision & Sinersha Carraway

Mittie b. Martin Co, NC

Churchill b. Martin Co, NC

Luther W b. Martin Co, NC m. 3/24/1852 Coweta Co, GA to Mary Ann Taylor

William Jonathan b. 11/9/1828 Martin Co, NC d. 7/7/1908 Williamston, Martin Co, NC m. 9/27/1855 Mary Ann Elizabeth Andrews b. 12/18/1838 d. 4/29/1887 Martin Co, NC d/o Otis Andrews & Elizabeth Whitley

c/o Hardy Hardison & Maria C ???

William C b. c1845 Martin Co, NC
Mary B b. c1847 Martin Co, NC
John F b. c1850 Martin Co, NC

c/o Humphrey Hardison & Harriet Wollard

Marshall E b. 7/12/1827 Maury Co, TN d. 2/28/1862 m. 11/2/1853 Eliza A Olds b. 1832 Marshall Co, TN

James J b. 3/20/1829 Maury Co, TN d. 2/1/1862 Maury Co, TN [Cem] m. 9/11/1851 Marshall Co, TN to Lamira J Liggett

Lucretia Jane b. 11/19/1831 Lewisburg, Marshall Co, TN d. 8/27/1871 Dallas, TX [Cem] m. 12/30/1846 Lewisburg, TN to George Wsahington Patterson b. 9/1/1820 Lewisburg, Maury Co, TN d. 12/27/1900 Cooper, Delta Co, TX s/o James Patterson & Mary Reed

Sarah E 10/31/1834-6/16/1913 m. 12/23/1852 John Claibe Liggett

Margaret Sophronia 11/1/1836-8/9/1918 m. 6/5/1859 Marshall Patterson

William Thomas b. 3/20/1839 Marshall Co, TN d. 7/20/1919 m. 10/29/1867 Martha A McLean

Richard Calvin b. 6/14/1841 Marshall Co, TN d. 3/7/1927 Williamson Co, TN m. Nannie J Stem

Mary Victoria b. 10/14/1843 Maury Co, TN d. 9/2/1918 m. 9/2/1918 William Anderson Wilcox

Humphrey Amicus 1845-1920 m. Anne Bowen

Sherod T b. 1848 Leftwich, Maury Co, TN m. Apr 1873 Mary M Derryberry

Child of Ira Hardison & Penelope Hardison

Emily Jane b. 11/1/1829 Maury Co, TN d. 9/7/1910 Maury Co, TN m. 5/8/1850 Maury Co, TN to William James Sowell b. 7/21/1824 Maury Co, TN d. 8/14/1884 Maury Co, TN

Children of Isaac Hardison & Rachel ???

Harmon b. Hyde Co, NC
Rachel b. Hyde Co, NC
Elizabeth b. Hyde Co, NC
Frances b. Hyde Co, NC
Children of James Hardison (Jasper, Charles, Jasper)


Children of James Hardison & Lucretia Garris

Hannah b. 3/24/1786 Greene Co, NC d. aft 1860 Duplin Co, NC m. James Summerlin d. bef 1860 Duplin Co, NC

Harmon b. 1/9/1788 Greene Co, NC m. Elizabeth ??? b. 1790

Martha b. c1789 Greene Co, NC d. aft 1860 Duplin Co, NC

William b. c1791 Greene Co, NC d. c1846 Wayne Co, NC m. 7/27/1815 Duplin Co, NC to Mary Ann Dail b. Duplin Co, NC d/o Thomas Dail & Sarah Tripp

Children of James Y Hardison & Dorothea Jane Fonville

Eudora Desdemonia 1842-7/12/1903 m. 9/11/1861 James Knox Polk Sowell

Eugenia Frances b. 6/25/1844 Maury Co, TN d. 3/8/1938 Maury Co, TN [Cem] m. 12/24/1865 Maury Co, TN to William Alexander Derryberry b. 12/11/1842 Lassea Community, Maury Co, TN d. 1/15/1924 Maury Co, TN s/o Joseph Howe Derryberry & Ophelia Avarilla Stanfield

Euzeda b. 1845 m. 5/27/1869 John Adkins

Emily J b. 1848 m. 12/15/1869 J B Humphries

Zachary Taylor b. Nov 1849 Lasea Community, Maury Co, TN d. 3/6/1930 m. 10/14/1873 S E Holcomb

Mary O b. 1850 m. 1/16/1875 William D Humphries

Paralee P b. Oct 1858 m. 12/26/1876 James H Derryberry

James Y Jr 1/8/1862-9/7/1907 m. 1/19/1889 Lucy Alice Wade

Cora b. 1866

Alice b. 1867

Ida B b. 1880 m. 10/8/1893 L T Brown

Children of Jasper Hardison & Martha Paul

Sarah b. c1805 m. 6/22/1821 Craven Co, NC to John S Miller b. c1799

James b. c1810 Craven Co, NC d. c1878 Pamlico Co, NC [Cem] m.1. 11/5/1832 Craven Co, NC to Louisa Dickson m.2. 9/6/1834 Craven Co, NC to Mary Lee b. 4/22/1802 Pamlico Co, NC d. 10/13/1872 Arapahoe, Pamlico Co, NC

Levin b. c1814 Craven Co, NC m.1. 9/6/1834 Craven Co, NC to Elizabeth Lee b. c1810 m.2 aft 1848 Margaret C Banks 9/17/1847-12/9/1924

Frederick D b. c1817 Pamlico Co, NC d. Beard's Creek, Pamlico Co, NC m.1. c1840 Elizabeth Dixon m.2. 1/27/1860 Craven Co, NC to Sarah Bryan Daw b. c1841

Lenorah b. c1823 Pamlico Co, NC m.1. Holland Truitt b. c1833 m.2. James Tiggle b. c1804

Jasper N b. 1/3/1825 Craven Co, NC m. 10/13/1853 Craven Co, NC to Ann Bryant Willis b. 12/10/1833 Craven Co, NC d. bef 1880

Josiah b. c1826 Craven Co, NC

Isaiah b. c1830 Craven Co, NC

Children of Jesse Hardison & Elizabeth Rogers

Nancy b. c1840 Logan Co, KY

Rebecca E b. c1841 Logan Co, KY

Susan A b. c1842 Logan Co, KY

Sarah E [Pic] b. c1844 Logan Co, KY m. 11/12/1863 Logan Co, KY to Jeremiah Riddle s/o Jacob Riddle & ??? Newman

Margaret E b. c1846 Logan Co, KY

Children of Jesse Hardison & Mildred Mason

Isham B b. c1810 Craven Co, NC m. 11/2/1837 Craven Co, NC to Barbara Herrington b. c1812 NC

Charles b. c1811 Craven Co, NC

Annie b. c1813 Craven Co, NC d. c1893 Onslow Co, NC m. c1835 Onslow Co, NC to David B Wilder

Mildred b. 11/3/1815 Onslow Co, NC d. c1851 Onslow Co, NC [Cem] m. 6/9/1829 Onslow Co, NC to William Bishop d. c1851 Onslow Co, NC

Elijah J b. c1816 Craven Co, NC d. bef 1870 Onslow Co, NC [Cens] [Mil] m. 11/17/1841 Craven Co, NC to Susan Avis Smith b. 1/3/1824 Craven Co, NC d/o John Smith & Susannah Smith

Children of Jesse Hardison & Rebecca Chase

Samuel b. c1785 Onslow Co, NC m. Hannah ???

Children of Jessie Hardison & Anna Leggett

Noah b. Feb 1816

David 12/2/1820-10/10/1900 Martin Co, NC [Cem] m. Apha Peal 10/28/1826-10/11/1901 Martin Co, NC

James b. 2/22/1814


Mary Ann b. 11/28/1829

Asa b. 7/30/1818 Martin Co, NC d. Dyer Co, TN m. 4/1/1841 Clarrisa Robason d/o John Robason [Cem]

Children of Joel Hardison & Jane Armour Long



Mary A, Feb 1821-9/17/1845 m. 2/19/1839 Samuel L Hardison 10/20/1816-6/23/1901 Maury Co, TN s/o William Joshua Hardison & Martha G Patsy Long

Rhoda 1825-bef 1866 m. 1/12/1842 Joseph W Sewell

Martha K 10/10/1828-3/23/1905 m. 1/12/1842 Harris Fox

Thomas Carol b. 10/30/1829 Cedar Creek, Maury Co, TN d. 11/9/1912 m. 5/20/1847 Maury Co, TN to Martha Frances Fox

Esther Elvira b. 1832 m. 11/9/1848 Marshall Co, TN to William Fox

Joel S 10/2/1835-12/31/1862 Battle of Murfreesboro

Ephriam b. 1840

Samuel Thompson b. 2/13/1841 Berlin, Marshall Co, TN d. 12/31/1927 Lewisburg, TN m. 10/15/1868 Georgia Davidson b. 2/12/1849 Bedford Co, TN d. 12/21/1920

Margaret Elizabeth 5/1/1844-11/8/1895 m. 3/22/1864 James Hardison Morton

Children of John Hardison (Benjamin, John, Jasper)


William Lanier b. 1799 Martin Co, NC d. 1870 Washington Co, GA m. Sarah ???

Seth b. c1803 GA d. 1871 Liberty Co, TX m.1. Mary Barfield m.2. 5/31/1829 Leon, FL to Mary Blandford m.3. Sarah Tipton m.4. Martha Johnson m.5. Mary Ann Dowden

Winnifred b. 1812 GA d. 1877 GA m. 1830 Washington Co, GA to Joel A Davis

Temperance b. 1805 GA d. 1846 GA

Elizabeth b. 1815 GA d. 1849 FL

Nancy b. 1806 GA d. 1890 TX

John M b. c1810 GA d. 1836 GA

Children of John Hardison & Elizabeth O Browning

Gabriel A b. c1830 Hopkins Co, KY

Phillip Taylor b. 12/19/1834 Madisonville, Hopkins Co, KY d. 11/14/1904 Hodgenville, Larue Co, KY m. 12/7/1858 Montgomery Co, TN to Mary McCown d. 3/16/1905 Hodgenville, Larue Co, KY

William Henry Harrison b. 9/21/1839 Hopkins Co, KY d. 7/17/1913 Logan Co, KY m. 7/27/1864 Muhlenberg Co, KY to Matilda Catherine Elkins b. 5/1/1846 Muhlenberg Co, KY d. 9/11/1909 Muhlenberg Co, KY d/o Joshua John Elkins II & Sussan Heltsley

John C b. Jun 1840 Logan Co, KY [Cen] [Cem] m.1. Louise D ??? 8/12/1842-2/11/1901 Logan Co, KY m.2. Amanda E Sharp 3/3/1842-11/6/1894 Logan Co, KY m.3. 11/30/1855 Logan Co, KY to Lucy Margaret Whitescarver b. 7/24/1837 Logan Co, KY d. 2/12/1865 Logan Co, KY d/o Harmon Whitscarver & Milly B ???

Wesley R b. c1841 Hopkins Co, KY

Mary E b. c1843 Hopkins Co, KY

Henry Russell b. 9/27/1846 Hopkins Co, KY d. 5/12/1924 Logan Co, KY m. 2/20/1866 Muhlenberg Co, KY to Susan Elkins 4/27/1846-3/18/1928 Logan Co, KY

Sarah J b. c1848 Hopkins Co, KY

Richard b. aft 1849 Hopkins Co, KY

Children of Joshua Hardison & Mary ???

Hannah b. c1811 Martin Co, NC m. 5/5/1853 Marshall Co, TN to John Atkinson

Nancy b. c1813 Martin Co, NC d. aft 1870

Joshua II b. c1814 Maury Co, TN d. aft 1880 m. 2/10/1841 Williamson Co, TN to Narcissa J Blackburn b. 7/23/1820 TN d. c1859

Mary b. 1815 NC

Sarah b. 1820 TN d. 1870 Marshall Co, TN

Martha b. 1823 TN m. ??? Atkins

Children of Luke Hardison & Elizabeth Daniel

Daniel b. bef 1795 Martin Co, NC d. bef 1850 Calloway Co, KY m. bef 1814 Mary ??? b. c1792 NC d. aft 1850 Calloway Co, KY

David b. bef 1800 Martin Co, NC d. aft 1840 Calloway Co, KY

Joseph b. c1803 Martin Co, NC m. 3/23/1839 Stewart Co, TN to Elizabeth Barrett b. c1826 TN

Nancy b. c1807 Martin Co, NC

Charlotte b. c1812 Martin Co, NC

Hannah H b. c1817 Martin Co, NC m. 9/11/1836 Calloway Co, KY to Jame L Barnett b. c1813 KY

Richard b. c1820 Martin Co, NC m. 2/10/1839 Stewart Co, KY to Hannah E Boyd

Silas A b. c1830 Williamson Co, TN d. bef 1902 Marshall Co, KY m.1. 3/5/1851 Stewart Co, TN to Mary A Henley b. c1820 Stewart Co, TN m.2. 7/16/1870 Marshall Co, KY to Mary Jane Burpoe b. c1843 TN d/o James R Burpoe & Caroline ???

Louisa b. c1836 Stewart Co, TN

c/o Mark Hardison & Cloe Daniel

Sarah b. c1802 Martin Co, NC m. 5/31/1822 Joseph Long 12/5/1797 poss KY s/o David Long & Mary Howe

Daniel b. aft 1807 Martin Co, NC

Mary b. 4/10/1792 Martin Co, NC d. 11/11/1881 Martin Co, NC m. 12/27/1812 Williamson Co, TN to William Hardison b. 11/17/1793 Martin Co, NC d. 10/26/1830 Maury Co, TN s/o James Hardison & Mary Roberson

William Joshua b. 12/6/1793 Martin Co, NC d. 7/11/1866 Maury Co, TN [Vet] [Cem] m. 10/13/1814 TN to Martha Patsy G Long b. 11/17/1795 KY d. 7/25/1870 Maury Co, TN d/o David Long & Mary Howe

Cloe b. c1803 Martin Co, NC d. Aug 1868 m. Benjamin Harrison

Richard b. 9/4/1804 Martin Co, NC d. 6/2/1869 m. 1840 Nancy J Gilliam

Jemima b. c1806 Martin Co, NC d. 5/3/1840 m. 2/14/1826 David Jackson b. 1805 VA d. aft 1880 TN s/o Mark L Jackson & Leanah Webb

Robert b. 9/4/1804 Martin Co, NC d. 6/2/1869 Maury Co, TN [Cem] m. 1840 Nancy J Gilliam b. 2/18/1815 Maury Co, TN d. 12/29/1901 Maury Co, TN d/o Thomas Gilliam & Sarah B Pettus

Child of Richard Hardison & Elizabeth Harris

John H b. c1819 Logan Co, KY m. Anna ??? b. c1819

Children of Richard Bates Hardison & Nancy Catherine Sowell

Thomas James Hardison b. 6/3/1856 Lasea Community, Maury Co, T d. 1/31/1932 Beech Cove ??? m. 10/28/1880 Carolyn Huntley Alexander

David Richard b. 8/10/1860 Lasea Community, Maury Co, TN d. 7/16/1923 m. 11/11/1885 Julia Constance Lane

Children of Robert Hardison & Charlotte Carraway

Ellenor b. c1829 Beaufort Co, NC

John Robert b. 8/16/1830 Beaufort Co, NC d. 12/18/1887 m. 11/18/1858 Beaufort Co, NC to Sarah Elizabeth Chancy 1/4/1840-7/27/1885 d/o Ransom Chauncey & Susan Gainer

William S b. c1833 Beaufort Co, NC m. Mary ??? B. c1833

James Bryan b. c1834 Beaufort Co, NC m. bef 1858 Sarah A Leggett b. c1833

Children of Thomas B Hardison & Mary Byrd Wilson

James Measles b. 11/17/1789 Martin Co, NC d. 12/5/1866 Marshall Co, TN [Will] m. 11/9/1841 Marshall Co, TN to Martha Jane Fields

Anderson Stephens b. 6/25/1817 d. Gibson Co, TN m. 12/16/1841 Caroline Catherine Baxter

Thomas Bohanan b. 2/14/1820 Marshall Co, TN d. 1/10/1895 m. 10/7/1847 Leanah E Liggett

William Wilson 5/14/1822-12/13/1892 m. 6/5/1844 Eliza J Hardison 10/5/1828-2/28/1894 d/o Charles Hardison & Hannah Daniel

Calvin Marion b. 7/29/1826 Maury Co, TN d. 8/31/1905 m. 1/1/1856 Susan H Fields 4/6/1828-7/9/1906

Franklin Durell 9/16/1827-10/19/1893 m. 9/30/1852 Marshall Co, TN to Harriet N Fossett

Alexander Charles 0/12/1830-7/14/1898 m.1. 8/24/1854 Marshall Co, TN to Eliza Fossett m.2. 11/24/1867 Oma Erwin

Elizabeth Mary Ann Paralee b. 7/22/1836 m. 9/14/1854 William Stewart

c/o Wiggins Hardison Jr & Agnes ???

Martha Ann b. c1829 Martin Co, NC d. 1897 NC [Cem] m. Simon Daniel Perry d. 1903 NC

Joseph b. c1826 Martin Co, NC

Mary b. c1824 Martin Co, NC

James/John Wiggins b. 3/26/1830 Martin Co, NC d. 3/3/1906 Martin Co, NC m. Emily Manning b. 4/19/1833 Martin Co, NC d. 2/4/1910 d/o James Manning & Elizabeth Manning

Nancy Jane b. 5/11/1844 Martin Co, NC d. 5/29/1933 Martin Co, NC m. 12/28/1865 Martin Co, NC to Wilson Manning 5/27/1837-10/15/1915 s/o James Manning & Elizabeth Manning

C H b. c1847 Martin Co, NC

c/o William Hardison & Mary Hardison

Elizabeth b. aft 1825 Maury Co, TN d. c1839

James b. aft 1825 Maury Co, TN d. c1880 Johnson Co, IL m. 11/30/1837 Catherine Elizabeth McCall

Nancy b. aft 1825 Maury Co, TN d. c1839

Charles H b. c1815 Maury Co, TN d. 1894 Maury Co, TN [Cem] m. 4/4/1838 Martha Myra Derryberry d. Maury Co, TN

Joseph H b. c1817 Maury Co, TN d. 4/30/1842 Maury Co, TN m. 1/5/1837 Maury Co, TN to Mary Palestine Derryberry b. 1/29/1820 TN d. Maury Co, TN d/o Daniel Derryberry & Catherine Long

Sarah Ann b. 5/27/1818 Maury Co, TN d. 12/12/1890 m. 3/1/1838 James Liggett Derryberry

George Washington b. c1821 Maury Co, TN d. c1900 m. 2/13/1851 Elizabeth Melton

Malinda D b. Nov 1823 Maury Co, TN d. 1/25/1901 Bear Creek, TN m. 1/8/1846 David L Derryberry

Cloe G b. 9/23/1824 Maury Co, TN d. 12/2/1912 m. 1/4/1848 Andrew Burnard Phillips

Children of William Alexander Hardison & Rebecca Rogers

Hortense Ellensa b. c1827 KY m. Apr 1843 Logan Co, KY to Thomas Wilson b. c1822 Logan Co, KY s/o James Wilson & Zilla ???

Frances b. c1830 Logan Co, KY m. 2/16/1849 Logan Co, KY to James Welborn

Thomas C b. c1834 Logan Co, KY m. 9/3/1857 Logan Co, KY to Elizabeth A Johnson 12/9/1830-7/11/1895 Logan Co, KY

Alexander Burrell b. c1836 Logan Co, KY d. c1892 Logan Co, KY m. Mary ??? b. c1846

Nancy A b. 4/8/1840 Logan Co, KY d. 1/6/1878 Linn Co, KS [Cem] m. 10/19/1858 Logan Co, KY to William Allan Baugh b. 6/15/1834 Kansas Territory d. 1/7/1913 Rich Twp, Anderson Co, KS s/o Bartlett Baugh & Elizabeth Dalton

James W b. c1843 Logan Co, KY [Cem]

Sarah Francis b. 9/24/1848 Logan Co, KY m. 11/30/1865 John Martin Newman b. 2/27/1840 Lewisburg, Logan Co, KY

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