Wills of the Hardison Family

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Will of JASPER HARDISON from NC State Archives below:
In the name of God Amen the 8th Day of May 1733. I JESPER HARDISON of the County of Albemarle - Planter being Very Sick and Weak in Body but of Perfect mind & Memory --------
I give and Bequeath to my well and dearly beloved Wife Mary Hardison a Negro and all my Goods and Chattles and all and Singular Debts and moveable efocts excepting what is under mentioned.
I give and bequeath to John Hardison a tract of Land Containing 640 acres on the South Side of Deep Runn, 1 horse, 1 Dish, a Bason, a Case of bottles, 1 pot.
To Mary Carkeet a Cow and Calf.
I give and bequeath to Judah Sutton fifty pound Current money of Carolina and a Mare Branded B.
To Jasper Hardison my Son a parcel containing 200 acres on Cheat Neck.
To Charles Hardison a piece of Land Called Cheat Neck Island.
To Josuah Hardison and Thos Hardison a parcel of Land from ye upper part of Mr Parkeats Line to Cheat Neck Branch.
To Richard Hardison and Joseph Hardison the plantatiion and remainer part of ye Land after ye decease of my beloved Wife known by the name of Roses Plantation.
I desire my Beloved wife Mary Hardison and John my son to be my whole and sole Executors of this my last will and testament.
Wit: Joseph Hudson, Samul. Durrance
Signed: Jasper Hardison
(Source: NC State Archives, Loose Papers, Will Box)

Jasper Hardison - 8 May 1733 5 Nov 1733 - Albemarle Co., NC. Sons: John (“land on South side of Deep run”), Jaspar (200 acres of land on Cheat Neck), Charles (“piece of land called Cheat Neck Island”). Josuah and Thomas (land on Cheat Neck branch). Richard and Joseph (“rest of plantation known by name of Roses Plantation”). Other legatees: Mary Carkeet, Judah Sutton. Executors: Mary Hardison (wife), John Hardison (son). Witnesses: Joseph Hudson, Samuel Durrance. Will proven before Geo. Burrington. (Abstract of NC Wills, Grimes)

JASPER HARDISON planter 8 May 1733 probated 5 Nov 1733 Of Albemarle Co.” very sick & weak in body” Wife MARY HARDISON - a negro, goods & chattels. JOHN HARDISON-640 acres on ss of Deep Run.....MARY CARKEET - cow and calf; JUDAH SUTTON - 50 pds, mare; son JASPER HARDISON- 200 acres on Cheat Neck. CHARLES HARDISON - Cheat Neck..JOSHUA and THOMAS HARDISON, land joining MR. CARKEET....RICHARD & JOSEPH HARDISON- Roses Plantation after my wife’s decease. Ex: wife MARY HARDISON, son JOHN Wit: JOSEPH HUDSON, SAMUEL DURRANCE (Early Records of NC Vol V, Stephen Bradley)

Extract of Will of Mark Hardison
Recorded 9/5/1853 - I, Mark Hardison, of the Co of Maury and State of TN
Item 1st. debts and funeral expenses to be paid.
Item 2nd. I give to my daughter Mary Hardison two negroes named Jenney and Dempsey and, at her death, they and their increase, if any, be to the heirs of her body.
Item 3rd. To my son Joshua Hardison I give two negores named Fanny and Mary and at his death to heirs of his body.
Item 4th. To my duaghter Chloey Harrison (?) I give three hundred dollars which amount I place in the hands of son Robert Hardison in special trust.
Item 5th. To my daughter Sarah Long and her heirs I give seven hundred and fifty dollars
Item 6th. I have heretofore given to my daughter Jemima Jackson, wife of David Jackson, a tract of land containing about two hundred and sixty acres and wich has been sold by said David Jackson and by me conveyed by deed, which land lies in Maury Co and adjoining the land of David Long and Others and Morrison’s old survey
Item 7th. To my son Robert Hardison I give one negro girl named Miran and her children, also a negro boy named Serg
Item 8th. that my Negro man Henry and his wife Neuldy shall choose for themselves a master and the individual selected by them shall pay for them what two disinterested persons shall say they are worth
Item 9th. All the balance of my estate . . . I wish sold by my execturors . . . and the proceeds be equally divided among all my heirs.
Item 10th. I hereby appoint my sons Robert Hardison and Joshua Hardison as Executors
In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 25th day of May 1846.
Witnesses: C G Jones; G M Cannon
Signed with his mark. (Maury Co TN Will Book F p.26 - Hardison and Allied Families by Fred L Hawkins and Dorothy Westmoreland Gilliam, Columbia, TN 1992 p. 249)

William Carroll Hardison, written 12/4/1905, probate 4/2/1906 Maury Co Court, TN
. . . beloved son Joseph S Hardison" sole executor and gives "to my beloved daughter Alice M Lovett my farm on which I now reside together with the appertenances thereto belonging: to have and to hold to her and her's forever . . ." (Maury Co, Will Book, p. 264 - Hardison & Allied Families, Fred L Hawkins & Dorothy Westmoreland Gilliam, Columbia, TN 1992 p 256)

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