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Elizabeth French, "Genealogical Research in England—Hatch," NEHGR 70:256, has taken the Hatch family back to John at Hecche of Kent, England, born ca. 1415. Elder William Hatch was born ca. 1598, probably in County Kent, the son of William and Anne Hatch. He sailed for Plymouth in March 1634/35 in the Hercules, with his second wife, Jane (Young), five children and six servants, and he settled at Scituate. He became a freeman on 5 January 1635/36, and in 1643 he was chosen the first ruling elder of the Second (Vassall's) Church at Scituate. In 1643 he also became a lieutenant in the Scituate military company. He died at Scituate 6 November 1651. His first wife is unknown. His widow Jane married (2) Elder Thomas King of Scituate. Hatch had seven children, six by his second wife, two of whom died young in England. Other members of his family came to Plymouth Colony, including his brother Thomas Hatch and Thomas's wife Lydia, and to Scituate; his sister Elizabeth (Hatch) Soan who became the second wife of John Stockbridge of Scituate; and his cousin Lydia Huckstep, who came to Scituate with her husband Nathaniel Tilden. (Plymouth Colony, by Eugene Aubrey Stratton)

It is interesting to note in Nathaniel Tilden’s will that he left a house in Tenterden, Kent, Old England, to his wife Lydia. Lydia was the daughter of Stephen Hucstepe and Winnifred Hatch. Stephen Hucstepe was born ca. 1557 and died 20th of June 1633. This would have been several months before his daughter and son-in-law left for America. Winnifred Hatch Hucstepe was born in 1552 and died 6 October 1592. Lydia would have been about five when her mother died. (Thomas Phillips of Pitt Co., NC and Affiliated Families, G. Howard Phillips, Ph.D and Sirley Brague Phillips, OH, 1992, p.87)

Timothy Hatherly died 24 October 1666. His will, dated 12 December 1664, proved 30 October 1666, named his wife Lydia (widow of Nathaniel Tilden); Edward Jenkins, his wife and children (his niece's family); Nicholas Wade, his wife and children (another niece's family); Susanna, wife of William Brooks, and children (niece); Timothy and Elizabeth Foster (niece's children); Thomas Hanford (nephew); Fear, the wife of Samuel Baker, and the other three children of Isaac Robinson, John, Isaac, and Mercy (children of a deceased niece); Lydia Garrett, his wife's daughter, and her four children; George Sutton, his wife and children; the wife of William Bassett, his wife's daughter; widow Preble, his wife's daughter; Lydia Lapham; Thomas Lapham; Stephen Tilden; Nicholas Baker; "my man Thomas Savory"; and Lydia Hatch, daughter of William Hatch; with his friend Joseph Tilden as executor (MD 16:158). (Plymouth Colony, by Eugene Aubrey Stratton)

Timothy Hatherly will dated 12/20/1664, proved 10/30/1666, Timothy Hatherly bequeathed to “my wife Lydia Hatherly my house I now dwell in with the rest of the housing . . . with all the land I die possessed of during her natural life,” also “my silver plate with all my pewter and brass that I do not otherwise dispose of by will,” also “what moveables soever are in my parlor and parlor chamber . . . , also all my linen . . ., [also] my gray mare 2 cows and 2 oxen and my cart with all my wearing clothes”; . . . to Lydia Garrett my wife’s daughter 3 acres of land part of which her house stand on . . . and 5 pounds . . . and likewise acquit all former accounts and reckonings between she and I from the beginning of the world to this day”; “to the 4 children of the said Lydia Garrett” 40s at age 21; to Gorge Sutton his wife & children 5 pounds”; to “the wife of Will[I]am Bassett my wife’s daughter 5 pounds”; to “the widow Preble my wife’s daughter 50s”; to Lydia Lapham an heifer worth 50s or 50s in goods”; to “Thomas Lapham 30s.”; to “Stephen Tilden 5 pounds to be paid when his service is expired”; to “Lydia Hatch the daughter of William Hatch” 8 pounds at age 21 or marriage; residue to “my trusty and well-beloved friend Joseph Tilden” executor.
Joseph Tilden, refusing to be executor of the estate of Timothy Hatherly, was on 10/31/1666 appointed to be administrator of the estate, and letters of administration were granted on 6/5/1667. (The Great Migration Begins, p879)

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