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The Will of John Hatche of Tenterden in the County of Kent, yeoman, 23 March 1628-9. to my wife Dorothy Hatch 100 pounds, wearing apparel, plate, furniture, cattle, poultry, grain, cloth and all my books.
To my brother William Hatche’s children as follows: To his second son Thomas Hatch 10 pounds and all sums he owes me, and at his death to all his children 50 pounds equally divided, at twenty-one. To his now youngest son William Hatch 50 pounds, and if he die before receiving his legacy reversion to his children at twenty-one, equally divided. To his daughter Elizabeth, wife of Robart Soan of Brasted, 10 pounds, and at her death to her children 40 pounds, equally divided at the age of twenty-one. To his second daughter Judith, wife of Joseph Osborne of Ashford, 60 pounds, and to her son Jeremy Osborne at twenty-one 5 pounds. To his third daughter Margarett, widow of William Wood of Tenterden, 20 pounds. To his fourth daughter Mary, wife of William Shusall of New Romney, 22 shillings. To his youngest daughter Anne hatch 30 pounds at twenty-one, she not to marry without the consent of her brothers John and William Hatch. If she do as her sister Shusall did, without their and my consent, then she shall have only 22 shillings.
To my sister Winnifrethe’s children as follows: To her eldest son Thomas Huckstepp 15 pounds, and to her other son John Huckstepp 30 pounds. If John die, reversion to his sons Stephen and Nathanaell, equally divided, at the age of twenty-one. To their eldest daughter Joane, widow of Robert Numan late of Crayford deceased, 20 shillings and a silver spoon which I had of Mr. Chapman, and to her children at twenty-one 10 shillings each. To her second daughter Anne, wife of William Snatte of hunto [Unton], 20 shillings, and to Anna Snatte her daughter 20 shillings, at twenty-one. To her third daughter Susan, wife of Benjamin Robus of Kennarton, 5 pounds, and to her sons and daughters Thomas Ramkyn, William Rambyn [sic] and Mary Raukin [sic], Katherine Robus, Lidia Robus, and Susan Robus 20 shillings each at twenty-one. “Alsoe I do give vnto Lidia Tilden wiffe of Nathaniel Tilden my sisters Youngest daughter” 10 pounds, and to her children Thomas, Joseph, Mary, Sarah, Judeth, and Lidia 20 pounds, equally divided, to be paid at twenty-one.
To my sister Katherine’s children as follows: To her eldest son John Dunke 10 pounds, and to each of his children 40 shillings at twenty-one. To her second son William Dunke 20 pounds. To her youngest son Daniel Dunke 30 pounds. To her daughter Ann, wife of Robert Glover, a silver spoon, and to each of her children 40 shillings each. To Katherine May, daughter of Martin Maye of Ould Romney that he had by Margaret donck, my sister Katherine’s daughter, 10 pounds. To her daughter Elizabeth Hubbard, wife of ______ Hubbard, 20 pounds.
To my sister Ellynor Chittenden 22 shillings, and to her children as follows: To her eldest son Thomas Chittenden 30 pounds. To her second son John Chittenden 50 pounds. To her youngest son William Chittenden 30 pounds. To her son Nathaniel Chittenden’s son Nathaniel 20 pounds at twenty-one.
To my wife’s sister, Elizabeth Pargiter, a silver spoon and a “spurr Ryall.” To Peeter Philpott my wife’s brother a “spur Ryall”, and Thomas Philpott her half-brother 10 shillings. To Steven Huckstep “my booke of Mr. Caluins [Calvins] sermons upon Galathians.” To Robert Chittenden 10 shillings. To Nathaniel Tilden, William Snatte, Beniamyn Robus, Robert glover, Robert son of Joseph Osbane, and Thomas Smith, that have married my kinswomen, 10 shillings each as a token of my love. To Mr. Warren of Sandwich, late lecturer of Benenden, 3 pounds. “Alsoe I doe giue vnto Mr. Lotropp late mynister of Egerton fforty shillings: To Thomas Brattell my wife’s half-brother. To James Willes 10 shillings and to his wife Mary, my wife’s brother’s daughter, 20 shillings and to their daughter Dorothie Wills 10 shillings at the age of twenty-one. To bother Peeter Philpott’s sons, Thomas Philpott of Arundell and John Philpott of Tenterden, 5 shillings each. To Thomas son of my brother Thomas Philpott of Rochester 20 shillings. To my uncle Peeter Ware 5 pounds. To John Hatch of Mayfile [Mayfield, Sussex], my brother William Hatch’s eldest son, certain household goods [named] and a feather bed which was my own father’s. The residue of all my goods to the said John Hatch, sole executor. [Signed] John Hatche. Witnesses: Francis Smith, Daniell Benison, and Job Cushman.
My will regarding all my lands. My Messuage, buildings, and lands in Tenterden on the dens of Elarinden, Ealvinden, Shrubcot, Donny, and Preston, and my gardens and lands in Tenterden to John Hatch, son of my brother William, he paying my debts, legacies, and the following annuities: To wife Dorothy 4 pounds a year jointure and a further 20 pounds a year for life. To my brother William Hatch’s son Thomas and his daughter Elizabeth Sone 4 pounds a year each for life. To Joane Numan, sister Wynifrith’s daughter, 20 shillings a year for life. “To Liddia Tilden wiffe of Nathaniel Tilden forty shillings a yeare during the terme of her naturall liffe.” To Anna wife of Robert Glover, my sister Katherine’s daughter, 40 shillings a year for life. If John Hatch die before the legacies be paid, my loving cousins John Huckstepp, William Hatch, William Donck, and John Chittenden to sell my lands on the dens of Donny and Shrubscot, and to each of them for their pains 10 pounds; after the legacies and annuities are paid, the remainder of the money to John Hatch, son of my said cousin [nephew] John Hatch. [Signed] John Hatch. Witnesses” Frances Smith, Daniell Benison, and Job Cushman. Record of probate unfinished. (Consitory of Canterbury, vol. 49, fo. 279)

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