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PARROTT TALK VOL 3 NO. 4 pg. 15 EARLY SETTLERS OF MARYLAND (Immigrants 1633-1680 to Annapolis)
Name ---------------- Liber ----- Folio - Transported --- Year
PARROTT, Francis ----- 5 -------- 243 ------ " --------- 1662
PARROTT, Henry -------- 5 -------- 436 ------ " --------- 1668
PARROTT, Lawrence ----- 5 -------- 238 ------ " --------- 1662
PARROTT, Thomas ------- 7 -------- 463 ------ " --------- 1658

1648 Chesapeake Bay, Calvert County, Maryland; Francis Parrott received land Patent #100, Liber 0 Folio 103, 100 acres, formerly assigned to Thomas Meares who had transported Francis Stone into the colony of Maryland. The plot was later called Partlett. (Parrott Talk Magazine, Vol. 3, February 1975, Evalyn Parrott Scott) (Links that Bind, Evalyn Parrott Scott, Vol. _, p.95,)

Francis Parrott immigrated to Maryland in 1655. (Gust Skordas, The Early Settlers of Maryland. An Index to Names of Immigrants Compiled from Records of Land Patents, 1633 - 1680, in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1974, 1995), Francis Parrett, Liber 6, Folio 132: Transported.

1662 Francis Parrott immigrated to Maryland (Skordas, Early Settlers of Maryland., Francis Parrott, Liber 5, Folio243: Transported (6, fol 17, 18).

"Filby & Meyer Passanger Lists"
Francis Parrott.........To Maryland 1662
Lawerence Parrott.......Same
Francis Parrott.........To Virginia 1665
Joseph Parrott..........Same
Samuel Parrott..........Same

Found that in 1662 that Francis and Lawerence came from England on The Good Ship David. Lawerence was grarted 50 acres in Baltimore Co 1662.

PARROTT, Francis, Year 1663, Tract Rich Range, County Talbot, Patent 300 Liber 5, Folio 546 Remarks: Certificate in name of Andrew Skinner, Liber 5, Folio 545 (Parrot Talk, Evalyn Parrott Scott. Vol.2, no.4, Page 19) Delph. 100 acres, was patented 2 May 1664 to William Dell - on Island Creek adjoinging the land of Francis Parrott. By 1723 both "Rich Land" and "Delph" were in possion of Elizabeth Sailes, Widow. She died in 1728 and the land decended to her son Gabriel and his daughters, Sarah and Jane.

Indiviual: Francis Parrott; Place: VA; Year: 1665 (Broderbund Family Archives #354, Ed 1. Passenger and Immigration Lists Index)

Robert Davis received transportation rights on 52 people for land on the south side of Rappahanock River in 1665 including Francis, Samuel and Joseph Parrotte, Sept 25, 1665. (From another internet listing)

8 December 1665, 11 December 11,1666, February 22,1667/8 Receipts were issued th Francis Parrott for 216 pounds of tobacco paid to the Lord Proprietor, annual rent for Rich Land.

26 February 1671, Sarah Parrott, Widow, signed a seven year lease with John Crooke and Hester his wife for a parcel of land called "Delfe" - adjoining "the land of Francis Parrott."

Parrat d. 26 Feb 1671, leaving a widow Sarah. On 26 Feb 1671, John Crooke and his wife Hester conveyed to Parrott, widow, a lease for seven years on 100 acres, Delph on N side of Choptank River at the head of Island Creek. (COLONIAL FAMILIES OF THE EASTERN SHORE MD Vol 3 [Tal R 1;192])

26 Feb 1671/72 SARA PARROTT, widow, buys from John Crooke for 4000 lbs, tobacco 100 acres called Delph on north side of Great Choptank in Talbot Co, Md at the head of Island Creek adjoining a parcel of land formerly laid of Francis Parrott of said County of Talbot deceased. (Interesting that the Quaker minutes say Crooke leased Delph to Sarah and the Talbot Co records she purchased Delph) (Talbot County, Deed Book A#1, p192)

On 4 Da, 5 Mo, 1679, The womens meeting signified a reason to visit the widow Parrott. (COLONIAL FAMILIES OF THE EASTERN SHORE MD Vol 3 [THMM])

On 9 Da, 11 Mo, 1690 Third Haven Meeting recorded that the youngest son of widow Parrott will be placed out and she will be supplied with provisions for the present. (COLONIAL FAMILIES OF THE EASTERN SHORE MD Vol 3 [THMM])

1691 Chowan Precinct, Albemarle County, North Carolina; Francis Parrott, Jr. witnessed the will of Francis Hartley, Esquire. (Parrott Talk Magazine, Evalyne Parrott Scott, Vol. 5, May 1977, p.34) (Links That Bind, Evalyn Parrott Scott, Vol. P. 109)

25 SEP 1694 North Carolina; Francis Parrott Jr, paid 10 shillings for appearing in court and "was three days coming and going. (Links That Bind, cites “The Colonial Records of NC”, Vol. 1, 1662-1712, Evalyn Parrott Scott, Vol. p.109)

Mentions that Jacob Parrott born May 8, 1696 married Martha Fewox. (History of Lenoir County, NC)

11 SEP 1696 Francis Parrott, Jr., witnessed the will of Thomas Lankston. (Links That Bind, cites “Abstracts of NC Wills 1690-1760 by Grimes)

Francis Parrott Jr., Between 1703-1711 Chowan Precinct, Albemarle County, North Carolina; Justice of the Peace. (Links That Bind, Evalyn Parrott Scott, Vol. p.109)

Sarah Parrott was to marry Henry Clark on 27 Da, 12 Mo, 1707 (COLONIAL FAMILIES OF THE EASTERN SHORE MD Vol 3 [THMM])

14 APR 1713 Chowan Precinct, Albemarle County, North Carolina; Francis Parrot Jr., named to assist with collecting the Rent Roll lists of Chowan Precinct. (Links That Bind, cites “Colonial and State Records of NC” Vol. 1, p.35 Evalyn Parrott Scott,)

Court meeting at house of Henry King on 17 July 1715...France Parrott prays for Letter of Administartion on the estate of Francis Parrott, her husband, deceased. Granted according to her petition. (Chowan Precinct NC 1696-1723, general Abstract of Deed Books by M.M. Hofmann, Deed Book B #1, pp.7,8,&9, Item #1652)

Susanna’s {Johnson} daughter Frances married first Francis Parrott. He must have died in 1715, because at a court held on the 20th of July 1715, Frances Parrott asked for a letter of administration on the estate of her husband Francis Parrott, deceased. (“Nicholas Cobb Descendants, Neighbors and Relatives 1613-1983”, by Joe Cobb, P.E., R.L.S.)

On the 21st of April 1716, she {Susanna Johnson} deeded four cows, three calves and one branded mare to her grandchildren. The grandchildren were not of age when she made the deed, because she stipulated that the livestock were to be divided among the children when they came of age. the grandchildren were named Jacob, Susanna and Elizabeth who were the children of Francis Parrott. He was “lately deceased” according to the information in the deed. (“Nicholas Cobb Descendants, Neighbors and Relatives 1613-1983”, by Joe Cobb, P.E., R.L.S.)

William Hardy II married Sarah Parrott, probably the daughter of Francis Parrott and Frances Johnson. His will was probated in Bertie County in 1784. He was a justice of the peace and a substantial planter. (Hardy-Dunkin Ancestry, by Jim Turner)

Jacob Parrott, son of Francis, married a young lady named Martha (last name unknown). He may have married Martha Ryan as there are two or three land transactions with Thomas Ryan and wife Martha. However, there is no proof. Jacob died at a young age; probably about 28 years of age. His will was dated the 3rd Nov 1738. The probate date was 18th Nov 1738. He named a son and daughter, John & Mary, and his wife Martha as the legatees in his will. He name Wm Fleetwood and Edward Rasor to be the executors. One of the witnesses was Lamb Hardy.(“Nicholas Cobb Descendants, Neighbors and Relatives 1613-1983”, by Joe Cobb, P.E., R.L.S.)

Jacob and Martha Parrott’s son, John Married John Oxley’s daughter, Elizabeth. At a court held o the 14th Nov. 1749, Mary Parrott, aged 14 years, chose Wm Fleetwood as her guardian. Earlier, 9th Oct 1742, Wm Fleetwood named Mary Parrott along with his children when he “proved his rights” at a court held on the cited date. (“Nicholas Cobb Descendants, Neighbors and Relatives 1613-1983”, by Joe Cobb, P.E., R.L.S.)

Elizabeth Parrott, daughter of Francis, married Lemuel (Lamb) Hardy who was the son of William and Edith. Lemuel was called lamb in all of the records. On the 11th Feb 1748, Frances Rasor made a deed of gift of 200 acres to her “loving and dutiful daughter Elizabeth hardy.” The land was located on the Eastmost Swamp (G-148). Wm Hardy, Probably the father of Lamb, and William Keeter witnessed the deed. (Bell, Mary Best. Colonial Bertie Co., NC, Deed Book A-H, 1720-1757)(“Nicholas Cobb Descendants, Neighbors and Relatives 1613-1983”, by Joe Cobb, P.E., R.L.S.)

Lamb Hardy married Elizabeth Parrott. His name was Lemuel, but he was known as Lamb. He died sometime during the first few months of 1761. On 4 Apr. 1761, an inventory of the good and chattels of the estate of Lamb Hardy, deceased, was exhibited into court on oath by William Hardy, son of Lamb. This William Hardy was almost always identified as the “son of Lamb” in the records which meant that there was another William Hardy or two in the area. Lamb Hardy did not leave a will. His family was pieced together from information that was provided in the wills and deeds of other members of the family. Nine children were listed. There may have been others. (“Nicholas Cobb Descendants, Neighbors and Relatives 1613-1983”, by Joe Cobb, P.E., R.L.S.)

09 NOV 1764 Dobbs County, North Carolina; John Parrott patented 195 acres adjoining himself. (Colony of NC 1735-1775 Land Patents, Vol. 1&2, Margaret M. Hofman)

Folder: 1798
Information: Examination of Elizabeth PARROTT & Benjamin PARROTT by Jeremiah LOFTIN coroner at the house of Elizabeth PARROTT upon the body of Joshua PARROTT "then and there lying dead.": Elizabeth PARROTT made oath that yesterday between 1 & 2 o¹clock in the afternoon, she went into the rye fields where her 2 sons Joshua & Simon PARROTT were working ("no other white person being present") where she found them at cross words and both at anger. It continued, then "Joshua gave Simon the lye which was immediately returned by Simon" and soon Joshua crossed to Simon and struck him, Simon returned the blow, and Elizabeth ran between them and tried to appease them, but without success. Joshua struck around her and hit Simon, first kicking at Simon and missing. Blows were given on both sides with naked fists and no other weapon. Soon after the blows passed, Joshua sat down, and Simon said you are going to faint. Joshua at first denied this, Simon insisted, and Joshua acknowledged it. Joshua, near expiring, "observed to his brother Simon that it was his own fault that what had happened did and said altho he was like to die he forgave him, or words to that effect and soon after expired." Benjamin PARROTT made oath that yesterday about 1 or 2 o¹clock in the afternoon he received a message from his mother that his 2 brothers Joshua & Simon were fighting & to come, which he immediately did, "& when he got there he found his Brother Joshua lying in an apparant condition of death in the Rye field when this deponent asked him what was the matter & how the accident happened which repeated perhaps in other words and recd no answer, he then asked him where his misery lay he answered in his left side and died perhaps half an hour afterwards.
Date: 16 June 1798; Date of: Event; County: Lenoir
Folder: 1798
Information: Appearance bond for Elizabeth PARROTT with Benjamin PARROTT to appear and testify concerning the murder of Joshua PARROTT where Simon PARROTT stands charged.
Date: 17 June 1798 Date of: Bond; County: Lenoir
Folder: 1798
Information: Indictment of Simon PARROTT for the murder of Joshua PARROTT by striking and beating him with both hands.
Date: 16 June 1798; Date of: Event; County: Lenoir
Folder: 1798
Information: Coroner¹s inquest into the death of Joshua PARROTT at the home of Elizabeth PARROTT, where the body is now lying. Coroner¹s jury consists of: William WHITE, foreman, Benjamin LEWIS, Miles HUTCHINS, Edward LOVET, Gray WESTBROOK, Simon SUTTON, Shadrack HEARTSFIELD, Richard BROWN, David HEARTSFIELD, William VAUSE, Benajah WHITE & James BRIGHT. Finding: Joshua and Simon PARROTT were in the Rye field when a dispute arose between them. Joshua assaulted Simon and Simon returned it, which "past by blows without weapons." Joshua received a blow in his left side from Simon which bruised and occasioned the death of Joshua about an hour after the blows were past. The act was partly of necessity and the fault of passion and insult. Simon PARROTT was possessed of goods and chattels worth 100 pounds and 335 acres in this county. Simon has fled and has not been pursued by hue and cry.
Date: 16 June 1798/17 June 1798; Date of: Event/Inquest; County: Lenoir
Folder: 1798
Information: Summons for Elisabeth PARROTT and Benjamin PARROTT to testify against Simon PARROTT.
Date: 19 Sept 1798; Date of: Summons; County: Lenoir
Folder: 1798
Information: Arrest warrant for Simon PARROTT for murder. (Back: Not to be found).
Date: 19 Sept 1798; Date of: Warrant; County: Lenoir
Folder: 1798
Information: Cover letter from Jerh LOFTIN, coronor for the inquest report into the death of Joshua PARROTT
Date: 5 Sept 1798; Date of: Letter; County: Lenoir (CRAVEN CO, NC - COURT - New Bern District Court Records Dobbs Co & others, part18, 1798) (Sue Guptill -

Simon Franklin Parrott: After graduating from the SC Medical College in the class of 1856 he commenced the practice of medicine in partnership with Dr Christopher Flinn. With exception of his military service and 2 yrs spent in Timmonsville, SC in the early 70s, the whole of his medical career was spent at Flinn's Cross Roads.
Dr Parrott served in the medical dept of the Confederate States Army of VA; he was a member of the Methodist Church; the Pee Dee Medical Assoc; the Old Darlington Co Medical Assoc; and was appointed Postmaster of Swift Creek Post Office on 1/5/1859, which office he held almost 15 yrs. He had the distinction of being in attendance at the earliest recorded birth of quadruplets in Darlington Co Dec 1879. ("Doctors of Darlington Co, SC a 1760-1912" by Gorace Fraser Rudisill)

WILL OF HENRY WOOD 1/9/1863 (Written 1857) Darlington, SC
In the name of God, Amen, I, Henry Wood of State of SC, Darlington district, being in good health and sound mind do make, ordain and declare this instrument which is written in my own hand, and every page subscribed with my name to be my last Will and Testament, revoking all others . . .
Item II To my beloved wife Catherine Wood, should she survive my death, I give and bequeath the use benefit and profit of my plantation with the household and kitchen furniture and such horses, cattle and hogs as she may think necessary for her own use, with one full yr's allowance of provisions. I also give my wife these negro servants, Davy, Phillis, Stephen, Genny, Frank, Anderson, Osmon, Sorrow during her natural life, and at her decease these negroes to be disposed of as herein after directed.
Item VI I give and bequeath to my third son, David Gregg Wood these negro servants: Ransom, Seely and Friday to have and to hold during his natural life.
Item X At my decease it is my wish and desire that whatever should remain of my estate either personal or real that is not named and bequeathed in these items shall be sold and the proceeds of such sale be equally divided between my four sons, John, William, David and Joseph.
Item XI Lastly, I constitute and appoint my two sons David G Wood and Joseph B. Wood executors of this my last Will and Testament to carry out provisions and intentions in the construction of which it will readily be perceived that no professional character has been consulted or had any agency in this draught, but it is my will and my desire that it may stand firm in witness of each and all in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty seven and of the Independence of the United States of America Eighty second year.
Test Samuel B Dewitt, Peter E Campbell, Simon F Parrott
SC Darlington Dist In the Court of ordinary etc Sworn to before me 1/9/1863 John J Russell Ordinary DD
David G Wood was this day duly qualified Executor to the foregoing Will this 1/9/1863 John J Russell ODD

John Pressley Parrott: He studied medicine at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, MD, and received his degree from that institution on 3/4/1879.
Dr Parrott commenced his medical career at Dovesville in his native co; he soon moved to Clinton, SC having been induced to move there by his brother, principle of Clinton Academy. After several yrs, he returned to Darlington Co and located at Syracuse. In addition to the practice of medicine, he assisted his father in the management of his plantation. He was a member of the Baptist Church. ("Doctors of Darlington Co, SC a 1760-1912" by Gorace Fraser Rudisill)

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