Sutton Burial Grounds

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This page is created to include any and all known Sutton burial sites. These Suttons are not all from the same family, although you will find many connections among these listings.

If you know of any Sutton Burial Sites other than those listed here, please contact Belinda Melton DePhillip with this information so it can be included on this page.

SUTTON, B Beverly 1928-1/15/1985 Age 56 - Lewis Lake Cem, Brunswick Twp, Kanabec Co, MN

SUTTON, B E Joe d. 1/28/1999 Age 73, Army WWII; Wife: Mary Lois - Morton Memorial Cem, Morton, TX

SUTTON, B F 11/19/1829-7/26/1905; Wife: Eliza Jane 2/3/1833-2/11/1912 - Shiloh Baptist Church Cem, Rocky River Rd, Monroe, NC

SUTTON, B H 3/4/1842-7/22/1909 - Piney Grove Cem, Wayne Co, NC

SUTTON, B M, MD 10/23/1854-6/22/1916; Wife: Eva L 9/17/1863-6/30/1925 - Pleasant Ridge Cem, Cypress Twp, Harrison Co, MO

SUTTON, Dr B Whit 1866-1941 o Moore Memorial Cem, Franklin Co, TN

SUTTON, Bankhead G d. Oct 1890 - Hollywood Cem, Richmond, Richmond City, VA

SUTTON, Banks 7/30/1929-3/18/2000 Age 70; Wife: Billie - Grape Creek Cem, San Angelo, TX

SUTTON, Barbara d. 11/14/2004; d/o William Martin & Daisey Sheley; w/o Malcolm B Mack Sutton - Greenlawn Memorial Gardens, Spartanburg, NC

SUTTON, Barbara Ann b. 9/17/1836-7; d/o William M Sutton & Elizabeth Hampton; w/o 1. Benjamin Franklin Harris d. 1857 2. John T Foster - Halleck Cem, Taos, Buchanan Co, MO

SUTTON, Barbara Ann d. 7/19/1999 d/o Violet & Cliff Williams & Lila & Andrew Dick Sutton; w/o Larry Hull - Fairview Cem, Dutton, Ont, Canada

SUTTON, Barbara Best 12/20/1881-4/18/1958 - Fairview Cem, La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Barbara Constance d. 8/11/2001; d/o Stephen sutton & Elsie T Halm - Blue Hill Cem, Braintree, MA

SUTTON, Barbara Gail 2/14/1932-5/23/1943 - Rose Hill Cem, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, TX

SUTTON, Barbara J 7/27/1937-10/15/2000 Age 63; d/o Edwin B Peterson & Gladys Cuthbert; w/o Alex Sutton - Greenwood Cem, Petoskey, MI

SUTTON, Barbara J Crose 1942-1989 - Aledo Cem, Aledo, IL

SUTTON, Barbara Jane Diel d. 5/27/2002; w/o Edward J Sutton - St Mary's Cem, Mt Troy Rd, Pittsburgh, PA

SUTTON, Barbara Juanita d. 2/5/2000 Age 86 - Greenwood Cem, Knoxville, TN

SUTTON, Barbara Ruth 2/8/1917-5/28/2002; w/o Arthur Raysor Sutton - Sunset Memorial Parker, Sunset Funeral Home, 1701 Austin Hwy, San Antonio, TX

SUTTON, Barbara Winnivea Winnie 10/7/1921-1/3/2000 Age 78; d/o Benjamin Preble & Zoe Wiggins; w/o T T Bud Sutton - Noedesha Cem, Neodesha, KS

SUTTON, Barney 8/15/1939 ARK, Pvt, 16 Grand Div. Trans. Corps - Memory Park Cem, Longview, TX

SUTTON, Barney Marion 12/21/1920-2/15/1989; 2nd Lt USAF, WWI 8th Airforce; Wife: Lillian Hickman - Memory Park Cem, Longview, TX

SUTTON, Barry Dale d. 4/19/2004 Age 88, US Navy; s/o Edgar H Sutton & Dana Copas; Wife: Anne West - Williams Cem, Difficult, TN

SUTTON, Bartholomew c1699-9/8/1775 - North Burial Ground, N Main St, Providence, RI

SUTTON, Bartholomew c1755-11/17/1754 - North Burial Ground, N Main St, Providence, RI

SUTTON, Bartley Johnston 9/21/1917-c2/7/2003 Age 85; Wife: Leta Ozell d. 1986 - Bells Chapel Cem, Rockett, TX

SUTTON, Barton 5/3/1909-8/27/1980 - Cave Springs Cem, Tazewell, Claiborne Co, TN

SUTTON, Barton Silas 5/3/1909-8/27/1980; s/o R B Sutton & Mary England; Wife: Virdie Peace - Cave Springs Cem, Clairborne Co, TN

SUTTON, Baylor F d. 7/25/1999 Age 90 - White Chapel Cem, Troy, MI

SUTTON, Bea Berder Lee 8/9/1927-4/4/1999 - Rose Hill Cem, Fort Worth, Tarrant Co, TX

SUTTON, Beatrice 2/5/1904-8/1/1904; d/o Benjamin Franklin Sutton & Lucy E Arnett - Clarks Grove Cem, Blount Co, TN

SUTTON, Beatrice "Mom Bea" d. 5/14/1999 Age 86 w/o James A Carroll - Woodlawn Cem, Baltimore, MD

SUTTON, Beatrice 12/8/1917-12/24/2000; d/o Albert Sutton & Jennie Osbourn; w/o Odell W Vandenberge d. 1995 - Black Hills National Cem, Sturgie, SD

SUTTON, Beatrice Mae 5/10/1892-10/8/1959; w/o John E Stephens (National Cem, Wilmnigton, NC) - Bethany Presperterian Church, Wilmington, NC

SUTTON, Beatrice Magaret Eagerton d. 10/20/1998 Age 87 d/o Robert E Eagerton & Amelia Margaret Moore; w/o John Clifton Sutton - Mount Hope Cem, Florence, SC

SUTTON, Bebe d. 1/6/2000 Age 77 - Defoe Cem, Henry Co, KY

SUTTON, Bell d. 1/4/1916 Age 38 - Mt Vernon Cem, Dyer Co, TN

SUTTON, Bell 9/15/1867-7/11/1944 - Sutton/Pemberton Cem, Whitley Co, KY

SUTTON, Bell Orie - Pleasant Hill Cem, Nolanville, Bell Co, TX

SUTTON, Belle 1878-1904 (in Hammond plot) - West View Cem, Bolivar, Fairfield Twp, Westmoreland Co, PA

SUTTON, Belle E 8/13/1896-6/23/1979 - Fairview Cem, La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Bemice Imogene Minton 7/1/1929-10/6/1998 Age 69 d/o William Bill Minton & Lila Mayfield; w/o Roger Rye Sutton - Southside Cem, Clarksville, TN

SUTTON, Ben Hard 10/21/1924-6/8/2010 - Pinelawn Memorial Park, Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Ben Irvin 7/31/1900-4/25/1970; Wife: Mary Ann McLendon 1900-2/4/1997 - Forest Hills, Elbert Co, GA

SUTTON, Ben S 1884-1924 - Ames Chapel Cem, St Rd 150, Orange Co, IN

SUTTON, Benajah 5/16/1857-12/18/1889 - Piney Grove Cem, Wayne Co, NC

SUTTON, Bennie 3/25/1944-7/8/2002, US Navy; s/o Heron Jackson & Lula Sutton; Wife: Mary Brown - Forest Lawn Cem, Saginaw, MI

SUTTON, Bennie Clide 2/13/1926-10/17/1926 - Oak Grove Cem, Scottsville Community, Near Plainville, GA

SUTTON, Benjamin - Old Lancaster Cem, Roulus, Seneca Co, NY

SUTTON, Benjamin Sr - Gerard's Fort Cem, Greene Co, PA

SUTTON, Benjamin; Wife: Lovey/Lovy Edwards - old Cotton Mansion, 1 ml n of Station Creek, Rt 76, Cottontown, TN

SUTTON, Benjamin; Sep ???? - Otter Creek Cem, Holmes Co, FL

SITTON, Benjamin 1674; Wife: Lydia - West Cem, Somers, CT

SUTTON, Benjamin 4/13/1722-1806 s/o Judah Sutton & Emma Canter; Wife: Mary Jennings - Garards Fort Cem, Greene Co, PA

SUTTON, Benjamin Jr 9/20/1759-9/4/1841; s/o Benjamin Sutton & Mar yJennings; Wife: Sarah Tingley - Decatur Cem, Sec 2C Lot 9 Grave 5, Byrd Twp, Brown Co, OH

SUTTON, Benjamin 3/18/1790-11/2/1871 - Hollywood Cem, Richmond, Richmond City, VA

SUTTON, Benjamin 4/28/1795-9/28/1864; s/o William Sutton & ??? Davison; Wifes: 1. Mary Jane Hines, 2. Elizabeth Herring, 3. Eliza Herring - Sutton Cem, 400' n of Alice Warters Rd, Lenoir/Wayne County Line, Lenior Co, NC

SUTTON, Benjamin 1801-1891; s/o William Sutton; Wife: Electa Mills - Mt Freedom Cem, Randolph Twp, Morris Co, NJ

SUTTON, Benjamin 1812-1847 - West Liberty Methodist Cem, Baltimore Co, MD

SUTTON, Benjamin 3/20/1822-7/11/1880 - Brainerd Cem, Cranbury, NJ

SUTTON, Benjamin b. c1824-6/18/1884; s/o Charles Needham Sutton & Charity Bryant; Wife: Permelia Lovett 3/21/1848-2/10/1899 - Otter Creek Church Methodist Cem, Ponce de Leon, Holmes Co, FL

SUTTON, Benjamin 4/21/1836-4/22/1874 Age 38y 1d; s/o Perry & Mary Sutton; Wife: Sarah B 6/23/1838-7/3/1903 - Bethlehem Christian Church Cem, Alamance Co, NC

SUTTON, Benjamin b. 1841; s/o John Sutton & Willa/Willhelminih Oldham; Wife: Sarah Lake b. 12/9/1848 - Old Plainview Cem, Marceline, Linn Co, MO

SUTTON, Benjamin 9/11/1855-9/8/1945 s/o Jacob Cutler Sutton & Debanna Justice; Wife: Jemima Saylor 5/8/1859-10/30/1936 - Baptist Cem, O'Donnell, TX

SUTTON, Benjamin 3/17/1869-11/20/1945 - Asbury Cem, Ashbury Rd, Craven Co, NC

SUTTON, Benjamin A 1/13/1837-2/22/1907 Pvt Co K 12 AR Inf CSA - Macedonia Cem, Blevins, Hempstead Co, ARK

SUTTON, Benjamin Cullen Jr d. 12/12/2004 Age 54; Wife: Carol Black - Mt Pisgah Presbyterian Church Cem, 2128 McArthur Rd, Broadway, NC

SUTTON, Benjamin Cutler 2/8/1811-3/31/1894 s/o John Benjamin Sutton & Mercy Ann Cutler; Wife: 1. Sarah Ann Pea 9/17/1817-10/8/1870; d/o Jacob Pea & Martha Hepner 2. Lucinda Lambeth - McKnight Cem, Osage Co, MO

SUTTON, Benjamin D 1937-2008; s/o Charles Sutton - Moore Cem, Franklin Co, TN

SUTTON, Benjamin David 12/9/1875-5/21/1907 s/o Priscilla & DS Sutton - Shiloh Baptist Church Cem, Lawrence Co, MS

SUTTON, Benjamin E 1256 8/22/63, IL Sgt - Nashville National Cem, Nashville, TN

SUTTON, Benjamin F 11/4/1853-1/14/1918; s/o Henry Green Sutton & Frances S Pugh; Wife: 1. Mary F Debord 2. Martha E Daniel - New Freedom Cem, Rockcastle Co, KY

SUTTON, Benjamin Franklin 7/25/1838-3/10/1907 s/o Dozier Sutton Sr & Scharlotte T Hedrick; Wife: Amanda Perry 6/7/1848-6/17/1902 - Phillipi Cem, near Bismark, AR

SUTTON, Benjamin Franklin 1859-1943; Wife: Sybil Ann Duncan 1861-1947 - Duncan Cem, Kingsville, MO

SUTTON, Benjamin Franklin 12/2/1863-11/17/1915; Wife: Lucy E Arnett 11/30/1877-6/4/1961 - Clarks Grove Cem, Blount Co, TN

SUTTON, Benjamin Franklin, Age 75 d. 8/24/1956 s/o Benjamin Franklin Sutton and Amanda Perry - Phillipi Cem, near Bismark, AR

SUTTON, Benjamin Franklin 12/17/1880-7/31/1963; s/o Allen Whitfield Sutton & Pussy Ann Grady; Wife: Lola Dail Thompson - Westview Cem, Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Benjamin H 6/8/1818-2/4/1871 Age 52y 7m 27d - Old Sargeant's Cem, Newtonville, Hammond Twp, Spencer Co, IN

SUTTON, Benjamin H c1831-7/13/1865 - Newman Cem, Pawtucket Ave, E Providence, RI

SUTTON, Benjamin H 2/12/1842-1/9/1921; Wife Margaret Teal 12/6/1848-10/31/1902 - Sutton Family Cem, Barbour Co, AL

SUTTON, Benjamin H 1847-7/22/1909; w/o Benjamin Sutton & Elizabeth Herring; Wife: Sarah A V Sallie Carter b. 1846 - Piney Grove Church Cem, Wayne Co, NC

SUTTON, Benjamin Harvey 8/22/1868-3/22/1958 - W Liberty Methodist Cem, Baltimore Co, MD

SUTTON, Benjamin J 3/8/1834-11/8/1862 - Rock Creek Baptist Church, Monroe Co, GA

SUTTON, Benjamin L 8/18/1906-1/6/1969; s/o Charlie Benjamin Sutton & Willie Smith; Wife: Ethel Barnes 4/29/1911-1/8/1983 - Fairview Cem, La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Benjamin M 1/28/1823-9/12/1905 - Rock Creek Baptist Church, Monroe Co, GA

SUTTON, Benjamin O, Wife: Minnie - Chestnut Hill Cem, Portville, NY

SUTTON, Benjamin O 1886-1953; Wife: Katie B 1883-1971 - Hance Cem, Hance Rd, Gallatin Co, KY

SUTTON, Benjamin W 4/17/1827-12/7/1876 - Corey Cem, Van Buren Twp, Grant Co, IN
SUTTON, Benjamin Whitworth - Physician - Moore Cem, Franklin Co, TN

SUTTON, Bennie 10/9/1911-7/28/1970 - Annapolis Cem, Hwy 49, N Annapolis, Iron Co, MO

SUTON, Bennie Lee Teems 1/10/1928-2/19/1991; d/o John Wesley Sutton & Lemma Lee - Mt Vernon Baptist Church Cem, Clear Creek Rd, Jasper, Gilmer Co, GA

SUTTON, Bernard J 10/10/1896-3/28/1935 - St Andrews Cem, McIntosh Co, GA

SUTTON, Bernard M 1905-1966 - Mary Love Cem, Richmond Cop, NC

SUTTON, Bernard Travers 4/10/1990 Age 81 - Lake Terrace Cem, Mt Gambler, S Australia, Australia

SUTTON, Bernice d. 9/8/1954 - Beechmount Cem, Edmonton, Alberta, CAN

SUTTON, Bernice A 9/25/1911 w/o Russell J Sutton - Caledonia Methodist Cem, Washington Co, MO

SUTTON, Bernice 9/11/1870-7/14/1940; d/o Harmon Sutton & Emily Jane Helmick; w/o Edward Parker Endsley 6/22/1863-5/19/1936 - Lone Tree Cem, Buena Vista, Buena Vista Co, IA

SUTTON, Bernice A 9/3/1913-10/28/2003 Age 90; d/o James Zemanek & Bernice Blijak; w/o Alfred Sutton - All Saints Cem, Des Plaines, IL

SUTTON, Bernice Evelyn 10/23/1917-9/4/2000 Age 82; d/o Winters William Sutton & Nanie L Gordon; w/o Charles O Hummel - Highland Memorial Gardens Mausoleum, Huntington, WV

SUTTON, Bernice Laverne d. 7/9/2001 Age 97; w/o Robert Sutton - White Chapel Cem, Troy, MI

SUTTON, Bernice Lillian Sumner d. 3/24/2002 Age 80 - Melwood Cem, Altlanta, GA

SUTTON, Bernice M b. 12/4/1919 - West Sunbury Union I Cem (U.P. Church) - Clay Twp, Butler Co, PA

SUTTON, Bernice Marjorie 5/6/1927-11/21/2000 Age 73; d/o Charles Sutton & Margaret Minnikine; w/o Robert W Kearney - Pine Bush Cem, Kerhonkson, NY

SUTTON, Bernita Ledbetter d. 8/6/2004; d/o Allen Sutton & Bertha Snider - Ledbetter Family Cem, Sylva, NC

SUTTON, Bert Clarence 11/20/1882-8/29/1935 - Sutton Valley Cem, Anderson Co, KS

SUTTON, Bert Earl 5/16/1884-9/4/1955 Age 71y 3m 15d; s/o William Alonzo Sutton & Julia Ann Heydorf; wife: Hattie Boyington 6/1/1885-3/20/1951; d/o David J Boyington & Lydia Ellen Keefer - Prospect Hill Cem, Blue Rapids, KS

SUTTON, Bert G 6/13/1886-10/15/1948 - Annapolis Cem, Hwy 49, N Annapolis, Iron Co, MO

SUTTON, Bert J b. 1884 - Annapolis Cem, Hwy 49, N Annapolis, Iron Co, MO

SUTTON, Berta Bennett 1886-1966 - Harmony Cem, near Sutton, Hempstead Co, ARK

SUTTON, Bertha 8/1/1860-11/13/1914 - Knights of Pythias Cem, Ironton, Iron Co, MO

SUTTON, Bertha 4/22/1875-8/5/1875 - Peru Cem, Walnut Twp, Madison Co, IA

SUTTON, Bertha d. 7/17/2001 Age 86; d/o Rubin Sutton & Laurie Smith; w/o 1. Haynes A Weathers 2. Clyde Wilson - Gaston Memorial Park, Gastonia, NC

SUTTON, Bertha 3/30/1897-1/3/1980 w/o Thomas - Mt Zion Cem, Campbell Co, TN

SUTTON, Bertha A 1/4/1871-10/27/1877 s/o John D & Mariah V Sutton - Sutton Cem at Flatwoods, Sutton, WV

SUTTON, Bertha E 9/6/1890-7/31/1949; d/o Marcellus S Sutton & Laura Jenkins; w/o Albert T Whaley 12/29/1874-11/4/1929 - Fairview Cem, La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Bertha E 10/30/1913-2/1/2002 Age 88; w/o Ernest Sutton - Lake Charles Cem, St Louis, MO

SUTTON, Bertha Jane 4/15/1871-3/4/1900 d/o Zacheus N Sutton; w/o Mr Hawkins - Victor Cem, Lovell, Logan Co, OK

SUTTON, Bertha M 2/1/1898-7/4/1987 - Friedens Lutheran Church Cem, Gibsonville, NC

SUTTON, Bertha Mae d. 11/30/1998 - Mountain View Cem, Florence, AL

SUTTON, Bertha Wiggins Sheetz 1879-1947 M.D.; d/o James & Blondian Wiggins; w/o 1. N E Sutton, 2. Ed Sheetz - IOOF Cem, Grundy Co, MO

SUTTON, Bertha 2/2/1887 - 8/5/1898 - Walker-Sutton Cem, Washington Co, ARK

SUTTON, Bertha M 1/1/1886-4/14/1886 d/o James W Sutton & Ella Osborn - Sutton Valley Cem, Anderson Co, KS

SUTTON, Bertha M 7/3/1897-4/19/1904 - Concord Church Cem, Concord Twp, Butler Co, PA

SUTTON, Bertie D 5/17/1877-11/9/1934 - Niota Cem, McMinn Co, TN

SUTTON, Bertie Luella Sutton 12/6/1896-4/21/1987 - Bronte, TX

SUTTON, Bertie W b. 8/8/1874 8m 23d d/o Albert Young Sutton & Abigail C Donnel - Cem Hooper, Dodge Co, NEB

SUTTON, Bessie 1889-1892 - Sutton Cem, Hwy 49, Vulcan Twp, Iron Co, MO

SUTTON, Bessie 8/1/1892-3/23/1954 - Sutton Cem, Hwy 49, Vulcan Twp, Iron Co, MO

SUTTON, Bessie 6/26/1912-1/23/2003 Age 90; d/o Judson Haines Green & Sarah Hensley; w/o Algie Joseph Sutton - Old Savannah Cem, Sylva, NC

SUTTON, Bessie 1/25/1918-1/16/2005 Age 86; d/o Dallas Sutton & Amanda Brown; w/o Albert Brooks d. 1991 - Franklin Cem, Dillsboro, NC

SUTTON, Bessie 9/17/1918-1/27/2002 Age 83; d/o Charles Simmons & Jennie Turner - New Paltz Rural Cem, New Paltz, NY

SUTTON, Bessie Anderson 5/29/1916-4/2/1971 - Red Hill Cem, Lamar Co, TX

SUTTON, Bessie Ann 6/11/1893-2/1/1946 - Diann Cem, Hempstead Co, ARK

SUTTON, Bessie E 1902-1925 - Michigan Prairie Cem, Adams Co, WA

SUTTON, Bessie F d. 2/13/2002 Age 71; d/o Simon Felder & Lillie Jones; w/o Jasper Sutton - Gaston Little FBH Church, Gaston, SC

SUTTON, Bessie H 5/8/1899-1/14/2001 Age 101; d/o Green Sutton & Harriet Voltz; w/o Marvin A Biggs - Allen Cem, Allen, KS

SUTTON, Bessie L 1892-1919 - Exeter Cem, Tulare Co, CA

SUTTON, Bessie Lee 8/11/1916-9/9/2000 Age 84 - Resthaven Garden Cem, Pensacola, FL

SUTTON, Bessie Lee 3/11/1920-3/11/1920 - Mt Zion Baptist Cemetery, 5 mls S of Loudon, Loudon Co, TN

SUTTON, Bessie May 5/24/1918-9/23/1920 - Mt Zion Baptist Cem, 5 mls S of Loudon, Loudon Co, TN

SUTTON, Bessie P 3/7/1905-8/24/1917 - Lewis Cem, Hwy 49, Annapolis Twp, Iron Co, MO

SUTTON, Bessie R 7/18/1864-5/14/1902; w/o B L Sutton - Michigan Prairie Cem, Adams Co, WA

SUTTON, Bessie Ruth 5/17/1920-1/19/1922 - Cave Springs Cem, Tazewell, Claiborne Co, TN

SUTTON, Bessie Wynn d. 2/24/2004 Age 73; d/o Ashley Sutton & Rheta Seaton; w/o Dr Jim Lee - Roberts Cem, Sevierville, Sevier Co, KY

SUTTON, Bethani Mariah d. 1/20/1999 Age 2 wks; d/o Mark & Teresa Sutton - Oak Hill Cem, Glendale, OH

SUTTON, Bettie Moy 3/1/1870-6/16/1915; w/o W L Sutton - Fairview Cem, La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Bettie Moye 11/1/1878-5/16/1915; w/o W L Sutton - Fairview Cem, La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Bettie P Taylor 9/2/1872-3/19/1925 - Maplewood Cem, Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Betty d. 9/18/1999 Age 66; w/o Clifford E Prince - Evergreen Cem, Jacksonville, FL

SUTTON, Betty d. 4/5/2002 Age87 - Lakeside Cem, Winter Haven, FL

SUTTON, Betty E (Nannie) d. 9/6/1998 - Maury Cem, Richmond, VA

SUTTON, Betty J Penny 1/20/1948-1/19/2004 Age 55; d/o Elmer Sutton & Betty Shields; w/o Joseph D Ward d. 1/18/1998 - Salem Mennonite Cem, Elida, OH

SUTTON, Betty Jane d. 8/25/1999 Age 70; d/o Harry Sutton; w/o Oran Graham - Austin Memorial Park, Austin, TX

SUTTON, Betty Jean d. 12/14/2000 Age 61 - Holden Cem, Brooklyn, NY

SUTTON, Betty Jean 9/4/1929-1/9/1930; d/o Minnie Lee Duncan & Duncan Sutton - Duncan Cem, Kingsville, MO

SUTTON, Betty Jean 9/19/1932-7/8/2002 Age 69; d/o Beatrice Pate & Helen Swena Linney; w/o 1. Earnest Sutton 2. Loren Dee Baker - Kipp's Cem, Stover, MO

SUTTON, Betty Joe 9/22/1932-9/24/1932 - Southerland Cem, near Old County House Bridge, 2 mls off Hwy 47 from Charlott, Dickson Co, TN

SUTTON, Betty Jones 11/25/1891-2/28/1979 - Fairview Cem, La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Betty Lindamood d. 4/11/2001 Age 72; w/o John Wesley Sutton Jr - Sherwood Memorial Park, Roanoke, VA

SUTTON, Betty Lou d. c3/5/2004 Age 79; w/o Jim Alfred Smith - Plummer's Chapel Cem, Hardin Co, TN

SUTTON, Betty Ross d. 11/22/1998 Age 70 - Bloomfield Memorial Cem, Bloomfield, GA

SUTTON, Betty Ruth Hardy d. 3/25/1998 Age 73 - Hillcrest Memorial Park, Augusta, GA

SUTTON, Beulah Faye d. 10/17/2000 Age 57; d/o Billie Payne & Gracie Moneyham; w/o Stuart Lewis Sutton - Liberty Baptist Church Cem, Haywood Co, NC

SUTTON, Beulah M 12/17/1888-12/3/1945; w/o George Sutton - Sutton Church Cem/AKA New Hope, Hwy 62, Pocahontas, Randolph Co, AR

SUTTON, Beulah P b. 1912 - New Salem Cem, Hwy 63, Boone Co, MO

SUTTON, Beulah Rae d. 12/8/2004 Age 102; d/o Robert Vincent Sutton & Manitta Harrison; w/o Thomas Vincent Howes d. 1974 - Cedar Hill Cem, Suitland, MD

SUTTON, Beulah White d. 6/5/2000 Age 79 - Westview Cem, New Bern, NC

SUTTON, Beverly A 6/15/1930-4/27/2004 Age 65; d/o George Chase & Lucille Middaugh - River Hills Memorial Park, Batovia, IL

SUTTON, Beverly Main d. 4/29/2001 Age 70; w/o Francis E Gene Sutton - Hansford Cem, Spearman, TX

SUTTON, Bex Stanley 6/10/1919-9/30/2000 Age 81; s/o John & Rose Sutton; Wife: 1. Mary McComas 2. Blanche T Latham - Rose Hills Cem, Whittier, CA

SUTTON, Bill, Apr 1849-Apr 1927 - Daily Chapel Church Cem, Paul's Path Rd, LaGrange, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Bill Henry 2/6/1995-2/15/1995; s/o K W Sutton - St Marys Oak Grove Cem, Camden Co, GA

SUTTON, Billy 9/26/1926-7/25/1983 Age 56, WWII & Korean War; s/o Artie Gilbert Sutton and Elizabeth Hosay; Wife: Dene Pate - Cheatham Hill Memorial, Marietta, GA

SUTTON, Billy 1/30/1945-12/27/2000 Age 55 - Grape Creek Cem, San Angelo, TX

SUTTON, Billy J 6/15/1929-2/13/1994, Army; w/o James William Sutton & Bertha Estep - Roselawn Memorial Cem, LaSalle, Monroe Co, MI

SUTTON, Billy Jean 5/22/1934-10/6/1934 - Harshaw Methodist Church Cem, Murphy, Cherokee Co, NC

SUTTON, Billy Joe 7/30/1961 - 12/12/1961 - Pleasant Hill Cem, Bismark, ARK

SUTTON, Billy Ray 5/9/1951-11/26/2004 Age 53, US Navy - Lakeside Cem, Stamps, AR

SUTTON, Billy Roger 1/15/1936-1/11/2001 - Fairview Cem, La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Bingham 11/17/1882-1/4/1948 - Maplewood Cem, Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Birdie (Birtie) 9/17/1895-7/11/1899; d/o William Cullen Sutton & Mattie Stephenson - Fields Cem, Clark, Liberty Co, TX

SUTTON, Birtie D 3/12/1881-2/29/1896 - Mudville Cem, Shleby Co, TN

SUTTON, Blanch d. c2/28/2003 Age 90; w/o Mase Sutton - Channel Hill Missionary Baptist Church Cem, Walls, TN

SUTTON, Blanch L 7/27/1907-7/31/1907 - Liberty Cem, Fay, OK

SUTTON, Blanche 5/10/1880-1969; d/o Harmon Sutton & Emily Jane Helmick; w/o Charles S Graham 1875-1960 - Lone Tree Cem, Buena Vista, Buena Vista Co, IA

SUTTON, Blanche 5/30/1918-6/1/2004 Age 86; w/o Chris Reneau - Dandridge Memorial Gardens, Dandridge, KY

SUTTON, Blanche 10/5/1920-8/9/1994 - Woodland Cem, Monroe, MICH

SUTTON, Blanche Agnes 7/22/1923-1/15/2005 Age 81; d/o Peter Scott Sutton & Mary Otter; w/o Zack Timms - Willow Pond Cem, Ft Worth, Tarrant Co, TX

SUTTON, Blanche "Jack" 10/18/1915-7/25/2001 Age 85; w/o J D Chamlee - East Memorial Gardens, Texarkana, AR

SUTTON, Blanche L 7/27/1907-7/31/1907 - Liberty Cem, Fay, OK

SUTTON, Bobby Don 12/30/1947-12/27/2000 Age 52; s/o Letha Sutton; Wife: Mary Rose - East Memorial Gardens, Texarkana, AR

SUTTON, Bobby Gene 1929-1987 - Munsell Chapel Cem, Hwy F, Shannon Co, MO

SUTTON, Bobby Gene 1934-1992 - Calvary Cem, Washington Co, MO

SUTTON, Bobby Lee 6/14/1928-12/8/2002; s/o Hildie & Dora Sutton; Wife: Betty S b. 9/22/1931 - Glentivar Cem, Cartersville, Cumberland Co, VA

SUTTON, Bobby Lee 5/17/1948-5/19/1948 - Prospect Baptist Church Cem, Eaton's Cross Roads, Old Hwy 95, Lenoir City, Loudon, TN

SUTTON, Bobby Wayne 1/13/1930-5/18/1947 - Montevista Cem, Webster Co, MS

SUTTON, Bonna L 6/4/1905-3/14/2000 Age 94; d/o Ernest Dittmar & Ella McBride; w/o Fred Sutton d. 4/18/1983 - Elkhart Cem, Elkhart, OK

SUTTON, Bonnie 10/16/1922-2/22/2002 Age 79; d/o Minor Sutton & Effie Deese; w/o Royal Blane Wright - Carolina Memorial Park, Kannapolis, Rowan Co, NC

SUTTON, Bonnie Ann d. 3/7/2002 Age 69 - Price Cem, Bridgeport, AL

SUTTON, Bonnie D 3/10/1876-10/12/1958 d/o Clayborn Denton & Quennie Wright; w/o James Scott Sutton - Fairland Cem, Lamar Co, TX

SUTTON, Bonnie Rose d. 1942 - Highland Memorial Cem, Mt Carmel Precinct, Wabash Co, IL

SUTTON, Bonnie W 8/11/1928-10/15/2000 Age 72; d/o Albert Sutton & Florence Bradford; w/o Richard A Fochtman d. 2/3/1994 - Brookside Cem, Charlevoix, MI

SUTTON, Boyce T Sr d. 1/24/2003, US Air Force, WWII; s/o James C Sutton & Sallie Reynolds; Wife: Juanita Batson - Woodlawn Memorial Park, Lyman, SC

SUTTON, Boyd Eugene d. 6/3/2003 Age 73, US Coast Guard; Wife: Gayle Gilliam - Shallow Ford United Church of Christ Cem, Burlington, NC

SUTTON, Boyd Wayne 4/5/1918-11/15/1998 Age 80; US Navy WWII; s/o Wayne Sutton & Prpha Goldie True; Wife: 1. Verna Cameron d. 1977 2. Mary Wendel - Laurel City Cem, Laurel, NE

SUTTON, Brad K 4/8/1851-1/3/1983; AOAA USN Vietnam - Lawnwood Cem, Camden Co, GA

SUTTON, Braddon Braddy d. 5/2/2001 Age 93; Wife: Donna - Sunset Memorial Park Cem, Evansville, IN

SUTTON, Bradford 1900-1965 - Fort Landing Cem, Tyrrell Co, NC

SUTTON, Bradley 9/1/64 - Lewis Lake Cem, Brunswick Twp, Kanabec Co, MN

SUTTON, Bramma Ruple d. 11/13/2000 Age 92 - Ariton Cem, Ariton AL

SUTTON, Branch Edward (no dates) - Maplewood Cem, Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Brazier N 11/15/1838-8/24/1929; s/o Noah Ellis Sutton & Nancy White - Lynn Grove Cem, Sidney, IL

SUTTON, Brenda Kay 3/27/1955-7/9/1999 Age 44; d/o Donald & Mandy Moore; w/o Bobby Carl Sutton s/o Bobby & Dorothy Sutton - White Cem, Highlands, TX

SUTTON, Brian Scott 10/5/1983-11/8/2003 Age 20; s/o Roger & Auxzie Kinnaird - Peerless Cem, Paris, TX

SUTTON, Brian Philip 7/12/1959-1/9/1995 - Gardens fo Faith Cem, Baltimore, MD

SUTTON, Brida 4/11/1872-7/27/1897 Age 25; d/o Jeriel Davis Sutton & Tacy Jane Davis; w/o George Rosee - Middle Island Seventh Day Baptist Cem, Doddridge Co, WV

SUTTON, Bruce 11/15/1912-1/21/1988 - Fairview Cem, La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Bruce Edward d. 3/7/2004 Age 58; Wife: Helen - Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens, London, Ont, CAN

SUTTON, Bruce Montgomery Junior 5/12/1928-9/14/2005 Age 77, US Army, Korea; s/o Bruce Sutton & Mary Shultz; Wife: Lucille Duckworth - Forest Lawn Cem, Lincolnton, NC

SUTTON, Bruner 12/27/1878-6/24/1900 - Buffalo Cem, Buffalo, LaRue Co, KY

SUTTON, Bryan 3/6/1865; NC, F, 10th (1 Art) - Woodlawn National Cem, Elmira Civil War Prison Camp, Chemung Co, NY

SUTTON, Bryon L 1869-1944 - Michigan Prairie Cem, Adams Co, WA

SUTTON, Buddy J; Wife: Ermine Jean - Bluebonnet Cem, Peace Sect, Colleyville, Tarrant Co, TX

SUTTON, Burl 10/7/1893-1/28/1897 - Fairview Cem, La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Burrell Owin 10/7/1873-6/28/1897; s/o Alexander Richard Sutton & Huldah Hooker Hardy - Fairview Cem, La Grange, Lenoir Co, NC

SUTTON, Burton C - Oracle Cem, Oracle, Pinal Co, AZ

SUTTON, Burton Thomas; Pvt F & I War Lot 240 - Fairchance Cem, Fairchance, Fayette Co, PA

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