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BATCHELOR, Merritt, Feb 1824-1903 s/o Drewey Batchelor & Nanny ??? - 12/13/1861 Enlisted in Conf Army, Co B, 13th Battalion, NC Infantry. Tranferred to Co H, 66th Regt, NC Troops on 10/2/1863

BENNETT, Nathaniel d. 1776 a soldier in camp at Portsmouth; s/o Wiliam Bennett & Mildred ???

CLIBORN, John 1760-1840 m. Mary Clyborn

CLYBORN, Leonard 1759-12/9/1839 s/o Jonas Clyborn & Edith Folkes - served under Col Good

COUNCIL, James 1716-1804 s/o John Council & Josie Willis - Served as paymaster, Wilmington, NC District

COUNCIL, Robert 1700-1778 s/o John Council and Josie Willis - Appointed Ensign 1/4/1776, promoted 7/7/1776, resigned because of illness 9/10/1776, reappointed Ensign in 1777 in Capt Bowman's Co, 1st Regmt under Col Thomas Clarke, promoted to 1st Lieutenant 8/20/1777. He was Capt of a Co of NC Dragoons 8/1/1778 and served until the close of the war. (State Records of NC by Clarke, Vol 13, pp 474-475) (The Councils from VA to NC, The Robert Council Line, by Irma Ragan Holland, 1978)

HARDISON, James c1765-11/13/1792 s/o Jasper Hardison & Alice Evans; Wife: Lucretia Garris

HARDY, Benjamin F b. c1840 s/o William E Hardy & Rosa Ellen Edwards; CSA, 40th Rgmt, Co F, entered 6/18/1863, listed as survivor in 1902 of Co A, 3rd Rgmt

HARDY, Benjamin M c1844-9/20/1861; s/o Jesse W Hardy & Laney Tyson; CSA, 3rd Rgmt, Co A, d. 9/20/1961 Camp Howe, NC

HARDY, John c1725 - Jan 1799 s/o Richard Hardy & Mary Olive Covington; Wife: Ann Williams - Served in 5th Rgmt SC Troops April 3, 1776 - May 1777

HARDY, John, Patriot Troops, Commander Elijah Clark, 9/25/1779, Battle of Kettle Creek, Augusta GA, Camden Seige of '96 DAR National Numbers: 102848, 284769, 284770

HARDY, Joseph 2/22/1751-5/22/1831; s/o Thomas Hardy & Elizabeth Austin - in Capt John Peyton Harrison's Co, 2nd Rgmt, commanded by Col Alexander Spottswood

HARDY, Lemuel Jr - Private, Bertie Co Militia b. 5/20/1730 d. 1797 (Nat No. 62432)

HARDY, Phineas Jr 1753-1810 - In Capt Edmund Brigham's Co, Maj Artemus Ward's Rgmt. Minuteman. Enlisted: 4/1/1778; Discharged: 7/2/1778 [Mil] HARDY, Seth T c1841-9/11/1862, s/o Jesse W hardy & Laney Tyson; CSA, 3rd Rgmt Infantry Co A, entered 4/25/1861 d. 9/11/1862 Gordonsville, NC

HARDY, Thomas - Private, Capt Matthew Jonett's Co, 7th VA Regt. 12/28/1776 - 2/9/1778 DAR Nos" 114657, 299082

HARDY, William Richard - 1727-1790 - enlisted 2/14/1778 discharged Feb 1779 - Army, 15th VA Rgmt, 11th & 15th VA Rgmt, 11th VA Regmt

LITTLE, George 1735-1815; Wife: Mary - Prisoner at Charleston, SC 5/12/1780, Capt of Patriot Service

PARROTT, Jacob 1766 - bef 1821, DAR National #697974

SUTTON, Abraham 3/12/1738-39 - 1800, s/o David Sutton & Elizabeth Cox - DAR Nat #293148 DAR Index 333014 - 4/24/1797 Assignee James DeBaufre, Pvt in Lee's Legion, Trumpeter/Infantry - PA

SUTTON, Arod 1758-1793 s/o Amariah Sutton & Letitia Haines; Wife: Hannah Okeman - Pension Application BLW #72731-1855 Widow Hannah Bailey, Application in Jasper Co, IN 3/23/1855 - served in PA

SUTTON, Benjamin 4/13/1722-1806 s/o Judah Sutton & Emma Canter

SUTTON, Benjamin 9/20/1759-9/4/1841 s/o Benjamin Sutton & Mary Jennings; Wife: Sarah Tingley - served 1777-1778 from Greene Co, PA - Pvt PA Militia, Pension Roll 9/16/1833 in Brown Co, OH; #S16266

SUTTON, Henry 4/6/1724-10/8/1806 s/o Joseph Sutton & Priscilla Langstaff; Wife: Mary Langstaff - Rev War

SUTTON, Henry 11/5/1758-4/20/1841; s/o Henry Sutton & Mary Langstaff; Wife: Nancy Sutton - Rev War, NJ, #S923

SUTTON, Jacob c1755-1838, NC Private

SUTTON, James 1743-1828 s/o David Sutton & Elizabeth Cox - Rev War Soldier

SUTTON, Jeremiah 10/29/1736-1814 s/o Zebulon Sutton & Mary Slater Doty; Wife: Elizabeth Johnson - Pvt, Capt Conrelius Nieukirk's Co, Col Benj Holme's 2nd Regt, Salem Co Militia, NJ, served 2/4/1778-3/9/1778 [MilRec]

SUTTON, Jeremiah 1750-1795, Sol NJ

SUTTON, John 7/25/1748-10/3/1795 s/o Jonas Sutton & Elizabeth Runyon - Pvt NJ

SUTTON, John R 1/31/1756-c1856 s/o Samuel Sutton & Sarah Jones - Ensign, Capt Robert Lide's Co, St David Parish, Col G G Powell's Rgmt

SUTTON, Jonas 1721-1797 Pvt NJ Wife: Elizabeth Runyon; s/o Richard Sutton & Sarah Runyon

SUTTON, Jonathan b. 3/23/1733-4 d.2/2/1818 Captain or Sgt Middlesex Co, NJ Militia - s/o Zebulon Sutton & Mary S Doty; Wife: Rachel Colyer

SUTTON, Jonathan 1754-5/20/1818 s/o Jonas Sutton & Elizabeth Runyon - SC

SUTTON, Joseph 1745-1832, NC Private

SUTTON, Joseph 7/9/1747-11/8/1822 s/o Zebulon Sutton & Mary Slater Doty - Sgt Middlesex Co, NJ Militia

SUTTON, Joseph 3/17/1762-1836 s/o James L Sutton & Hannah Louise Freeman - Rev War - NJ

SUTTON, Moses b. 1745 d. 12/7/1827 Sol NJ, Wife: Susanna Cox; s/o David Sutton & Elizabeth Cox

SUTTON, Peter 1743-1829 Pvt NJ, Wife: Phoebe Kennan; s/o Nathan Sutton & Mary Cassart - Enlisted Oct 1775 1st NJ militia, served in Capt Nixon's Co of NJ horse and the light dragoons, mustered out 12/15/1782

SUTTON, Philip b. 1770 d. 1846

SUTTON, Shadrack 3/25/1781-5/11/1861 s/o Joseph Sutton & Martha Margaret ???

SUTTON, Stephen 12/15/1760-9/12/1846 s/o Benjamin Sutton & Mary Jennings

SUTTON, Thomas 1759-1840, NC Private, Wife: Lucretia Blackman; w/o Thomas Sutton

SUTTON, Uriah b. 7/21/1741 b. 2/3/1840 Captain, Company of NY state troops, in battles of Monmouth, Watsessing and Connecticut Farms; Wife: Elizabeth Bockover; s/o Zebulon Sutton & Mary Doty

SUTTON, William 1746-1797 s/o Jonas Sutton & Elizabeth Runyon - NJ

SUTTON, Zachariah c1757-Mar 1823 s/o Amos Sutton & Jane Clawson; served from Sussex Co

SUTTON, Zebulon 2/1/1762-7/1/1826 Pvt NJ, P/A #S16265, Wife: Sarah Hull; s/o Zebulon Sutton & Mary Doty

TANKERSLEY, John b. 1760 d. 3/14/1840, Navy: On board ship Tartar & Tempest off Capes Henry & Charles 10/1778-10/1779; Army 1780-1781, served 3 terms of 3 months each, the last term in place of his brother George. (Genealogy of the Tankersley Family in the United States, by Charles W Tankersley, 18 Broadway, NY, NY, 1895, p.20)

TANKERSLEY, Richard 3/13/1738-1810, Pvt, 7th VA Rgmt under Capt Fleming, enlisted 1778; s/o Richard Tankersley & Elizabeth Fountain; Wife: May/Mary Wood

TANKERSLEY, Rufus Miller b. 6/5/1836 - Formed the first company of soldiers in Chattanooga TN for the Confederacy. Major.

TANKERSLEY, William b. 1742; s/o Richard Tankersley & Elizabeth Fountain; Wife: Martha Barbara Nelson - Granted bounty land in TN on 22/17/1824 for his service in the Revolution.

WOOTEN, Amos b. 1742-1744 d. 4/11/1811 s/o William Wooten & Ann Bryant; Wife: Priscilla Taylor - DAR #693634

WOOTEN/WOOTTEN, Edward, s/o Shadrack Wooten & Mary Elizabeth Murphey; Wife: 1. Julia Taylor 2. Eliza Yonge Jewett - Sgt & Lt, CSA

WOOTEN, Joel b.1754 d. 1813; s/o William Wooten & Ann Bryant; a tailor and artifacter in A Co of Capt Wood's Calvary, Col Malmedy's Rgmt of horse, NC Troops and Capt Long's Rgmt - "Roster of NC Soldiers in American Revolution p617" Dar # 386785

WOOTEN, John Sr d. Pitt Co, NC served in Capt. John Hodges Co. of Pitt Volunteers, Colonel Benjamin Seawell, commanded NC Regiment of Militia

WOOTEN, Shadrach c1785-9/11/1845, Ensign 5th NC enlisted 11/28/1776

WOOTEN, Shadrach, 1785-9/11/1845 s/o Shadrick Wooten & Elizabeth Treadwell, Ensign, Newbern Co, 5 NC Reg 4/12/1812

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