Our Family and the World War I

Wars Our Family Served In

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COUNCIL, David Campbell 1/26/1895-7/17/1931; s/o Everette Campbell Council & Victoria James Freeman - WWI, Air Service, Pvt

COUNCIL, Hugh, Aug 1889-c1958; s/o James Henderson Claude Council & Lethia Lucy Ann Mills - WWI

COUNCIL, Ralph N 3/15/1887-Mar 1966; s/o James Henderson Claude Council & Lethia Lucy Ann Mills - Army, 1st Sgt, WWI

HARDISON, Marcus Nathaniel 12/31/1895-2/6/1991 s/o James David Hardison & Winna Ellen Predonia Donna Ownby

HARDISON, Thaddeus Clement Clem 12/12/1888-9/1/1970 US Navy; s/o John B Hardison & Sabra Gray Proctor

HARDY, Charles H 1890-1913 s/o Irvin Hardy & Ida Mae Phillips - Casualty in France

HARDY, Leo Hartland 12/1/1894-7/29/1974 s/o Joshua Albert Hardy & Mary Magnolia Maggie White; Wife: Lillian Neal - Telegraphy School

HARDY, Walter Barnett 4/13/1895-1918 s/o Jacob William "Jake" Hardy & Nancy Eldorado "Ella" Brown - casualty in France

HARDY, William Henry Jr 3/1891-7/1/1974 s/o William Henry Hardy & Emma Virginia Ramey

LITTLE, Lee Ray 3/4/1891-12/1/1946 s/o William Richard Little & Mary Louise McDoniel - Sgt 315 AM TN

LITTLE, Lymon Joy 10/30/1897-10/28/1948; s/o Lilbon Bert Little & Amanda Melbina Boyle

LITTLE, William Edgar 6/25/1894-9/3/1964 s/o Kirk Swepster Little & Mary Jane Traylor TX Pfc Co D, 49th Inf, 83rd Div

MELTON, Roland 4/28/1895-6/27/1978, s/o Gilbert Melton & Daisy J Phillips, Cpt US Army

TANKERSLEY, David Ephraim 1897-6/10/1964; s/o Franklin Pierce Tankersley & Mollie Elizabeth Hardison - US Army

TANKERSLEY, Howard 11/12/1893-5/14/1947; s/o John D Tankersley & Elizabeth George - Pvt 7th Inf 3rd Div

STARRETT, Wilmer, enlisted 6/21/1917 - Canadian Over-Seas Expeditionary Force

WOOTEN, Burns 4/12/1895-12/12/1976; s/o William Jordan Wooten & Sarah Ann Meek; Wife: Ola May Reid - PFC US Army

WOOTEN, Hoyt B 9/29/1893-12/1969; s/o Spencer D Wooten Jr & Lorena C Mayfield - Army Air Corps

WOOTEN, Ray Lee 4/26/1890-10/30/1945; Sgt, Reg H, 14th Engr; s/o Shadrach Isler Wooten & Henrietta Louise Harper

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